Only Half of Border Crossers Over Past Five Years Were Deported

By Nik Rajkovic
Jan 8, 2021

A recent Homeland Security report shows half of all illegal aliens who crossed the southern border since 2014 still have not been deported.

We're talking about 1.8 million illegals still waiting for a final court decision on their status. Meanwhile, another 250-thousand were given green cards.
Despite hundred of miles of new barriers along the border, William Gheen at the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC says the lag in deportations ultimately falls on President Trump.

“DACA amnesty was continued under Trump. Open borders continued. Catch-and-release continued,” he says.

“The NGOs and others that are funded by George Soros and others, actually increased the volume because they were very disappointed that their large number of illegal non-citizen voters across American had not been enough to stop Donald Trump in 2016.”

But he warns things could only get worse under Joe Biden.

“The biggest threat from Biden is we have to stop him from passing amnesty legislation for 22 million illegal aliens which will make any type of resistance to the Democratic leftist plan politically futile forevermore,” says Gheen.

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