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Thread: President Trump's real enemies by Mychal Massie (WND Hit piece on ALIPAC)

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    President Trump's real enemies by Mychal Massie (WND Hit piece on ALIPAC)


    President Trump's real enemies

    Exclusive: Mychal Massie declares, 'Both parties are 2 sides of the same coin'

    Published: 19 hours ago
    Mychal Massie
    About | Email | Archive Mychal Massie is founder and chairman of the Racial Policy Center (, a conservative think tank that advocates for a colorblind society. He was recognized as the 2008 Conservative Man of the Year by the Conservative Party of Suffolk County, New York. He is a nationally recognized political activist, pundit and columnist. Massie has appeared on cable news and talk-radio programming worldwide. He is also the founder and publisher of The Daily Rant:


    There are three things I know unequivocally to be true: 1) every word in the Word of God, i.e., the Holy Bible, is true, except of course for the bastardized versions of scripture; 2) God is not a globalist; and 3) the Republican elites and the Republican hierarchy will either help the enemy or sit passively on the sidelines as the progressive machine works to destroy our way of life.

    Republican leadership counts on the blind ideology of the grass roots, which they reward with what amounts to a pat on the head. The grass-tops are rewarded with an occasional luncheon or dinner, both of which are the equivalent of “The Feast of Barmecide.”

    This brings me to President Trump. There is no quantifiable explanation for the calculated obstruction of President Trump by the globalist Republican hierarchy, members of which are only marginally less progressive than Democrats.

    If the Republican Party were comprised of true public servants who cherished America and held her values dear, what could have been accomplished with President Trump in office would have relegated the Democratic Party to the ash heaps of politics for generations to come.

    The Republican elites have betrayed America; and every person who loves and cherishes America had better come to grips with that fact. We expect subversion from Democrats, but we expect loyalty to America from Republicans.

    A person in Texas warned me, that George Bush was not what we wanted to believe he was, but I foolishly did not listen. Several times a week and at times every day for long stretches at a time, the gentleman wrote me telling me that George W. Bush was going to do us harm. To my chagrin, by the time I realized the gentleman was correct I had worked to get Bush elected twice, and I had worked to place John Roberts as chief justice of the Supreme Court.

    Bush claimed to be a Christian with a Christian family, but secretly his wife supported abortion – and contrary to scriptures, Bush fought to remove the borders of America. I will never forget Bush boasting at a news conference on foreign soil that he was going to sign the most massive full amnesty bill ever. Fortunately, we were able to thwart his efforts.

    Every true student of scripture knows that God supports nations not globalism. The renowned theologian, pastor and Bible teacher Dr. David Jeremiah states and I agree, that the Tower of Babel was man’s early attempt at globalism – and God frowned upon it.
    Literate students of the Bible understand that globalism has as its end plan a one-world government, or more factually a one-world leader, i.e., the Antichrist. With that fact in mind, the question that must be asked is: “Why was/is George W. Bush et al. so committed to globalism?” That question can only be answered: “Because he and the Republican structure fighting the president are not what they pretend.”

    America hasn’t had a president in 50 years, if not longer, who hasn’t given away billions of taxpayer dollars to countries around the world, many of which hate us and/or hold values antithetical to American values. That includes both presidents with the last name of Bush.

    North Korea blackmailed and bullied so-called American leaders out of billions while giving nothing in return. President Trump has forged massive successes with North Korea while giving nothing away. President Trump is redefining the word “parsimonious.” And this president donates all but one dollar of his entire annual salary to charities and to help our veterans.

    There is only one plausible reason Republican hierarchy has resisted President Trump, and it isn’t because they fear what Democrats will do whenever they are in power again. I argue the only plausible reason is because both parties are two sides of the same coin.
    Ophidian-like wraiths lurk in the shadows while they send their political encomiasts to Fox News and other supposed news outlets to undermine President Trump.

    Ann Coulter and Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) wrongfully claim President Trump has broken his promise to build a wall along our southern border, and the media parrots their fallacious accusations.

    Why doesn’t Coulter and ALIPAC excoriate Congress? Have they forgotten the 2006 Congressional Secure Fence Act, which promised We the People a 700-mile fence? Why haven’t they asked what happened to the money that was to be used for that fence?
    As speaker of the House, supposed Republican Paul Ryan built a $421,000 fence around his multi-million dollar Wisconsin mansion but refused to fund “the wall” for President Trump. Why?

    Why are Republicans fighting President Trump on trade tariffs? Are we really supposed to believe Republicans are cravenly squeezing their knees together over President Trump’s declaration of national emergency because they fear what Democrats will do? Or could it be that Republicans are in the tank with globalist efforts to destroy American borders and sovereignty?

    It is a verifiable fact that Republicans did nothing to advance the agenda of President Trump when they had majorities in both houses of Congress.

    President Trump is a leader who fearlessly advances a clear path to restore American greatness. Yet the so-called Republican Party that claims to support biblical and traditional values fought him at every turn when they controlled Congress.

    I leave you with the following thought. Many people have told me that they were praying for a true leader who loves America. Suppose President Trump is the answer to those prayers? And if that is the case, what does it make the globalist anti-American Republicans in Congress who are fighting against President Trump?

    I think we all know the answer to my question – the question is are we willing to do something about it? I say every RINO who fights against President Trump is fighting against you and me, and every one must be primaried and defeated. This just might be the last opportunity to rescue America in the time remaining before Christ’s return for His own.
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    I was a bit taken aback to see this hit piece on ALIPAC at World Net Daily after so many years of positive reporting on us in that publication.

    Not only did WND stay out of the budget bill sneak Amnesty fight until after the battle was over, but now an unexpected hit piece on ALIPAC from an author that is clearly unfamiliar with our true concerns, our constant efforts to go after Congres, and our list of at least 11 broken promises by Trump on core immigration issues including the wall...

    Here is our list and I do hope that the great folks at WND will allow me to write a rebuttal to this article...

    - Trump reversed his campaign position of reducing legal immigration levels and now supports rasing legal immigration levels according to his State of the Union Speech of Feb 5, 2019.
    -- Trump promised caravan illegals could not come into USA. (Caravan illegals allowed to enter.)
    -- Trump promised a border wall. (No Wall. No wall yet as of Feb 2019))
    -- Trump promised to end DACA Amnesty on his first day. (Trump continues DACA.)
    -- Trump promised to oppose Amnesty. (Trump endorses Amnesty legislation and has deployed his son-in-law Jared Kushner to cut a deal with Democrats to give Amnesty to millions of illegals.)
    -- Trump promised Executive Order to end birthright citizenship. (No Order.)
    -- Trump promised illegals would go home. (Trump now supports Amnesty via HR 4760.)
    -- Trump promised DHS would clean up elections fraud. (No Action.)
    -- Trump promised to end Sanctuary Cities. (No Action.)
    -- Trump promised to end catch and release of illegals. (Catch and release continues.)
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    Trump promised to keep "refugees" in safe zone on their soil.

    Stop bringing them here at our expense! Shut this program down and defund every dime of our money paying for this!

    We want them deported BACK to safe zones on their soil. They need to go home, reunite with family members there and rebuild their own countries.

    Defund the One Billion of our money that is GIVEN to Churches every year that facilitate their human trafficking of these failed programs and stop dumping them in our communities to CONTINUE to pay for them!


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