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    Scott Taylor’s Amnesty Affair

    Scott Taylor’s Amnesty Affair

    December 10, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    By Frankie Stockes

    Despite campaigning as a conservative during the 2016 Election season, Congressman Scott Taylor has shown his constituents in the 2nd District of Virginia that he is more than happy to stand in the way of their best interests when it comes to impressing the mainstream media and swamp establishment.

    From appearances attacking President Trump and his fellow Republicans on CNN, to standing alongside Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer at a ‘Global Citizen’ event in New York City, Congressman Taylor has infuriated his constituents, and shown himself to be unreliable as a conservative voice in Congress.

    Last week, Congressman Taylor’s lack of conservative principles and respect for the voters of his district reared its ugly head again, as he joined 33 of his fellow Republican members of Congress, whose names have been compiled by ALIPAC in a database dubbed ‘Kate’s List,’ in signing a letter addressed to Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, calling for the passage of a new DACA style amnesty bill by the end of 2017. In their letter, Taylor and his fellow members of Congress strongly praised DACA and its impact on the illegal alien community, making no mention of the strain the unconstitutionally signed law has placed on taxpaying citizens, and those who have legally entered the United States, or the horrific crimes carried out by DACA recipients.

    Instead, the letter insists President Trump’s repeal of DACA earlier this year has created ‘uncertainty and anxiety amongst immigrant communities.’ The letter goes on to suggest the passage of a new DACA law is a more pressing issue than border security and immigration reform, acknowledging the existence of such issues, but stating, ‘in this moment, we must address the urgent matter before us in a balanced approach that does not harm valuable sectors of our economy nor the lives of these hard-working young people.’

    Of course, last week’s letter did not represent Congressman Taylor’s first foray into the amnesty lobby. Since his inauguration in January, Taylor has co-sponsored two bills that would award amnesty to illegal aliens. In fact, promoting amnesty was one of his first acts in the U.S. House of Representatives, co-sponsoring a bill (H.R. 60) put forward in January that would provide amnesty to illegal aliens agreeing to serve in the military, as well as a DACA style amnesty bill (H.R. 146 drafted in March.

    Unfortunately for Congressman Taylor, his constituents and their allies in the conservative movement have taken note of his affection towards amnesty bills, and Taylor isn’t too happy about. In a Facebook post dated December 6th, he attacked Numbers USA, the nation’s largest non-partisan, non-profit group advocating immigration policies that put Americans and their security first, and providing data on a variety of immigration-related subjects. In response to a Numbers USA ad revealing Taylor’s involvement in Republican’s latest amnesty efforts, Taylor called Numbers USA ‘a bottom-feeding Washington group’ that ‘raises money off people’s fears.’ His constituents didn’t fall for it, and Taylor found himself the subject of such negative backlash, that he was forced to take the comment section to further defend himself.

    A quick visit to Congressman Taylor’s profile on the Numbers USA webpage reveals his full immigration voting record, including his support for both H.R. 60 and H.R. 1468, as well as his vote in favor of increasing the number of H2-B foreign worker visas by 70,000 in 2017. As a result, Numbers USA gives Taylor a grade of a mere 11% on his efforts to ‘challenge the status quo,’ and a grade of only 27% overall, making Taylor one of the weakest Republican members of Congress on immigration-related subjects.

    Although he has served less than half of his first term in Congress thus far, Taylor has developed a voting record that speaks for itself on matters of immigration and border security. Despite assuming office as an alleged conservative during an election cycle in which immigration reform took center stage, Taylor has continuously stood against the best interests of those who elected him, and has sided repeatedly with Democrat and RINO members of the House of Representatives, pushing an agenda contrary to the grassroots, pro-America policies that dominated the Republican wave of 2016.

    Politics Elections made several attempts to contact Congressman Taylor for comment on his support for amnesty bills, as well as his 27% overall rating from Numbers USA, but received no response.
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