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Thread: Social-media censorship becomes civil-rights fight

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    Social-media censorship becomes civil-rights fight

    Social-media censorship becomes civil-rights fight

    Coalition campaigns for action against attacks on 'non-socialists'

    World Net Daily

    (Image courtesy Pixabay)

    The liberal bias of the major social-media platforms in America has been documented by their own statements and by the ongoing censorship of conservative and religious voices.

    Now, it’s become a civil rights fight, according to a coalition of organizations initiating a lobbying campaign in Washington in early in October.

    “Free speech rights for non-socialists is the new civil rights movement of America,” declared William Gheen, president of ALIPAC.

    “At this phase, we need all of the victims of Silicon Valley to write up their experiences and make these publicly available while pumping copies into the hands of any lawmaker or office holder not currently aligned with the Democrat socialists who govern these public forums or online public spaces with their biased and capricious rules.”

    Gheen said the tech giants “make their bias clear by banning conservatives who dare to complain about illegal immigration and dangerous Muslim refugee resettlement programs in America, while allowing antifa and other violent leftist extremist groups free rein on their platforms to call for violent revolution and the assassination of President Trump.”

    It started with claims that Russia influenced the 2016 election in the U.S. through its purchases of online ads, largely in favor of Donald Trump.

    In response, social-media companies decided to restrict the access some groups have to their platforms.

    Given the progressive orientation of Silicon Valley, almost all of the targets are conservative or libertarian voices.

    Companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon have put limits on conservatives such as Diamond and Silk, Center for Immigration Studies, Ann Coulter, Alex Jones, California Republican congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute Daniel McAdams, Milo Yiannopoulos, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., Prager University, Overpasses for America, Ex-Muslims of North America, Canadian intelligence expert and prominent anti-Islamist researcher Tom Quiggin, Jihad Watch, David Horowitz of Frontpage Magazine, YouTubers James Allsup and Lauren Southern, Steven Crowder and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin.

    In fact, the group said, Twitter “is now flagging use of the legal term ‘illegal alien’ as ‘hate speech,’ while the DOJ is reminding everyone illegal alien is the proper legal term for illegal immigrants.”
    Now Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is releasing new instructions for the lobbying campaign.
    And it is asking other conservatives or libertarians to join in.

    The group wants those affected by the speech limits to reach out to the White House, the Department of Justice and Republican members of Congress to ask for protection from abuses of power by the Silicon Valley mega-corporations.

    “This coalition contends that the real interference in U.S. elections comes not from Russia, but from George Soros funded groups and powerful Silicon Valley corporations beholden to China which now yield more power in some cases than the government itself,” the promoters said.

    ALIPAC is now asking individuals and organizations to: 1. Prepare formal written documentation of the bias and abuse they have experienced or witnessed by Silicon Valley corporations; 2. Make these documents available online for the public, press, and lawmakers; and 3. Send certified mail copies to the White House, Justice Department, GOP state attorney generals and Republican members of Congress.

    The organization “contends that it is of no use to appeal to Democrats since they benefit from Silicon Valley censorship, and elected Democrats are calling for these companies to crack down on conservative non-socialists even more!” the announcement said.

    The face-to-face lobbying effort in Congress will happen Oct. 2-4, the group said.

    Participants will contact Washington offices by phone and in writing, and in person in Washington “to express the need for American freedoms of speech, of the online press, and of association to be protected from the left-wing bias of companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, PayPal and others.”

    The coalition wants testimony from citizens, bloggers, pundits, media platforms, small companies and grass-roots organizations about censorship by social media, which will be documented in the Congressional Record.

    The goal is to hold hearings that will lead to action.

    “Possible steps the Trump administration and Congress could take include but are not limited to congressional hearings, investigations by the DOJ Civil Rights division, new regulations, loss of tax breaks for Silicon Valley corporations, and anti-trust measures,” the coalition said.

    In a joint statement, Gheen and others said: “America is facing the biggest threat to free speech we’ve ever faced from these new and powerful corporate technologies that are dominated by partisan Democrats, socialists, offshore agencies, and imported foreign labor. These companies have the power to control what information and opinions reach American audiences and who is silenced or shadow banned. They have unregulated, unrestrained power to influence legislation and the outcome of elections and they have made it clear they are willing to abuse their power to violate the civil rights of the tens of millions of Americans who share my views on immigration issues.”
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