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    I saw Whorealdo Revolta reporting on the Chandra Levy story, and of course, not once did he mention that the murderer is an illegal. He called him an 'immigrant', as he always does when reporting on criminal alien scum. You know for a fact he knows this animal was an illegal, but he just can't bring himself to use the term 'illegal alien'.

    But then again, nearly every other national news outlet refused to mention the fact that this piece of human garbage was an illegal. I think the only ones who called the creep an illegal were O'Reilly, Hannity, Glen Beck and probably Lou Dobbs. On an MSNBC website story they call him a "troubled immigrant", with no mention ogf the word illegal anywhere. Gimme a friggin' break. And on the sites of the SF Chronicle, Miami Herald, etc., no where to be found is the word 'illegal'.

    This story was wall-to-wall huge back when she went missing, and now that the case is likely to be solved, no one has the guts to call this dirtbag for what he is: a murderous, heinous, predatory, illegal alien scumbag. I bet if the perp ended up being some white guy, every news network would be running round the clock coverage on the solving of the case.
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    Move to new section for Americans killed by illegals.
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