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    Illegal immigrant, who was arrested and released twice, murders GA nursing student

    Illegal immigrant, who was arrested and released twice, murders GA nursing student

    03/03/2024 // Belle Carter // 1.1K Views

    Tags: Biden, big government, border policies, border security, borders, campus insanity, Crimes, Dangerous, Darien Gap, deportation, gross negligence, HIAS, ICE, illegal alien, illegal entry, illegal immigration, illegals, invasion, invasion usa, Jose Antonio Ibarra, Laken Riley, left cult cities, national security, NYC, Open Borders, outrage, sanctuary city, Trump, violence, violent crime

    A Venezuelan man attacked a popular nursing student named Laken Riley while jogging on the University of Georgia campus and later dragged the woman into the bushes and murdered her. The suspect is an undocumented migrant who has been arrested and released twice, a clear demonstration of gross negligence in allowing him to enter the country much less reside freely in Georgia.
    U.S. Customs and Border Protection records show that Jose Antonio Ibarra was first arrested near the U.S.-Mexico border on September 8, 2022, because he entered the country illegally. However, he was released, left Texas and took refuge in the sanctuary city of New York. There, he was even able to find gainful employment as an Uber driver.
    He was reportedly arrested again in the Big Apple. According to a statement made by Immigration and Customs Enforcement: "New York City police also arrested Ibarra last September and charged him "with acting in a manner to injure a child less than 17 and a motor vehicle license violation." It is unclear as to why University of Georgia Chief of Police Jeff Clark stated that Ibarra did not have an "extensive" criminal history at the time of his arrest following Riley's murder.

    Bill Melugin
    Feb 25, 2024


    BREAKING: In statement to
    @FoxNews, ICE confirms our reporting below. Ibarra is an illegal alien from Venezuela who crossed illegally into El Paso, TX in September 2022 & was released into U.S. via parole. ICE says on 9/14/23, NYPD arrested him in NYC for acting in a manner to…

    Bill Melugin

    NEW: Per three ICE & DHS sources to me & @GriffJenkins, Jose Antonio Ibarra, the suspect charged in the murder of nursing student Laken Riley, is a Venezuelan national who crossed illegally into El Paso, TX in September 2022 & was released into the U.S. via parole. We reached…

    Bill Melugin

    Full ICE statement to @FoxNews.

    2:58 PM · Feb 25, 2024

    The New York Police Department released him before the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement could issue a detainer to process him for deportation. He left NYC and moved to Athens, Georgia.
    Because of the controversy, Big Apple officials have challenged ICE's account stating that it did not have any record of Ibarra's previous arrest in NYC. Unlike following his arrest in NYC, the Atlanta Field Office of ICE Enforcement And Removal Operations stated that they had successfully issued a detainer for Ibarra following his arrest in Georgia.
    According to speculation, Ibarra's illegal immigration has been assisted by the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS), a Jewish-American NGO that facilitates immigrants from South America with their arduous journey to North America. HIAS dedicates its resources to assisting migrants in their dangerous journey across the 60-mile uninhabited tropical wilderness. According to HIAS, nearly 250,000 migrants crossed the Darien Gap in 2022 alone. That number is expected to have risen above 500,000 in 2023 due to the assistance of HIAS. Ibarra's former employer Uber is one of many corporate sponsors of HIAS, highlighting the fascist-like synthesis of corporations and the state fueling the immigration crisis.
    911 dispatcher received Riley's call for help until Ibarra violently interfered

    Law enforcement did not release the audio recording. Still, the cops have confirmed that the 22-year-old murder victim was able to place a call to 911 as she was struggling and fighting for her life and was able to connect to an operator until Ibarra violently interfered, cut the call and battered her to death.
    The Athens-Clarke County police issued more documents from their investigation, including the family background of the alleged killer. Ibarra has been charged in Riley's killing with felony murder, false imprisonment, kidnapping and concealing the death of another. The police had previously said they received a non-emergency call from a friend of the 22-year-old Augusta University student reporting her missing when she failed to return from her morning run on Thursday.
    Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz faced a furious backlash after it was revealed that police found multiple undocumented immigrants living in Ibarra's apartment in the city. Girtz denied that his city is a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants. An angry crowd gathered on February 28 to condemn the mayor. One was shouting "You're a liar. You're the one who is guilty and got blood on your hands for this murder, sir!" Others called for him to resign. Other protesters also held signs that read: "Blood on your hands" and "Make Athens safe again."
    The mayor insisted that Athens is not officially a sanctuary city and that the state of Georgia doesn't take in illegals. "There's been no legislation from this government that's created sanctuary city status," he explained. "We are deeply sorry for this tragedy ... Responsibility for this crime rests solely upon the perpetrator."
    Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump lambasted Democrat border security and law enforcement policies for the said murder. He vowed that when elected, he would "immediately seal the border" and begin the "largest deportation operation of illegal criminals in American history." (Related: Illegal immigrant charged with VEHICULAR HOMICIDE in Colorado had already been deported FOUR TIMES.)
    Check out for more stories on how the present U.S. regime is allowing illegal immigrants with questionable backgrounds into the country.
    Sources for this article include:

    Illegal immigrant, who was arrested and released twice, murders GA nursing student –

    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Move this article to the new Americans Killed by Illegals section.

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