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    Illegal kills 4 yr. old and Uncle,

    Illegal immigrant charged with leaving the scene of fatal accident

    Dave BalutTampa, Florida - Police say the driver charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident on the Courtney Campbell Causeway Thursday night is from Mexico and in this country illegally.

    Four-and-a-half-year-old Joshua Morrow and his 42-year-old uncle Ronald Bishop were killed in the westbound lanes of the causeway at Bay Harbor Drive.

    A witness followed the suspectís gold-colored SUV and gave police the tag number.

    Clearwater police arrested 26-year-old Armando Lopez-Canada a short time later.

    The illegal immigrant is now charged with leaving the scene of an accident with death.

    Brenda Andujar, Victimís Grandmother:
    ď I just canít believe how cold and callous a person would be to know that they hit two human beings and just keep on going regardless of his immigration status and just being a human being.Ē
    Lopez-Canada and three other illegal immigrants in the SUV were on their way home from a construction job for PCL in Orlando.

    He was able to get a driverís license with his Mexican passport and immigration application, but his license is expired.

    Lopez-Canada also owned the vehicle involved in the fatal accident.

    Dave Balut, Tampa Bay's 10 News ... ryid=46275
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    Americans be killed on the roads by these criminal (illegals) are deaths that should never have been. I wonder if Bush has any sympathy for these victims whom have looked to him as most Americans have only for him to support these illegals? I hope this illegal is charged with no less than MURDER.

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    The fact that the rising number of US citizens killed by illegal aliens in this country is totally ignored by our government. They choose not to acknowledge that the rise in crime across the nation has a direct corrolation with the increasing number of illegal aliens allowed to sneak into this country. Where I live in Boston has a higher rise in the crime rate than the nation has and it is due to the number of illegal aliens living in this state. I have no doubt about that fact.
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    We should have a special page just for articles about victims of Illegals. It would be full in no time. This is so sad!

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    Quote Originally Posted by April
    We should have a special page just for articles about victims of Illegals. It would be full in no time. This is so sad!
    Yes I agree, I made the same suggestion myself.

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    Move to new section for Americans killed by illegals.
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