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    Murder of Mary Sadler tolls death knell for U.S. ... 60306/1014 ... ic&t=38711

    Murder of Mary Sadler tolls death knell for U.S.

    To the editor,

    Mary Sadler is America's grandmother. She is also your mother, your grandmother, your great-grandmother, your wife, your sister, your aunt, your girlfriend, and even your child or grandchild. At the very least, she is your neighbor. According to police, Mary Sadler was killed on Aug. 22 in her Bellevue home by Ivan Moreno, an apparent illegal alien whose very actions should be at the heart of the "great immigration debate;" but it is not.

    Mary Sadler lived in a nice home, in a nice neighborhood, in a nice part of the state of Tennessee otherwise referred to as "Middle America." By all accounts, Mrs. Sadler lived the American dream, raising a family, volunteering in the community, and even offering assistance to the very illegal alien who would later brutally kill her. She was brutally murdered and violated in the worst ways imaginable, in the middle of the day, in her home, all alone. Where are your mother and your grandmother right now? How about your wife or daughter? Do you live in a nice neighborhood?

    Illegal immigration is not an abstract issue. Furthermore, it is not an issue requiring great deliberation or moral contemplation. It is a pragmatic issue, as the case of Mrs. Sadler sadly proves. It is easily solved with pragmatic solutions already codified in law. Simply put, if Ivan Moreno was not illegally in the United States, Mrs. Sadler would still be alive. If the United States government fulfilled its most basic responsibility to its citizenry, Ivan Moreno would not have been illegally in the United States. A simple equation the federal government continues to debate. Our government debates, while the Mrs. Sadlers of America are savagely killed by illegal aliens.

    The state of Tennessee must now confront the issue of illegal immigration with a sense of urgency not practiced by the federal government. By default, responsibility for this issue and all associated implications has been abrogated to the state and local level of government. Failure of the state to fulfill its responsibility in this regard further abrogates responsibility to the hands of the very citizenry itself.

    As a former Senior United States Border Patrol Agent with 13 years of field experience on the southern border, I apologize to the Sadler family on behalf of all my former colleagues. We simply did not fulfill our most basic responsibility to Mrs. Sadler; the very reason I left that agency to raise my family is what I once thought was "Middle America."

    The final stand on illegal immigration may very well be fought on our doorsteps in a frightening context yet unimagined. A context necessitating increased home security, less neighborly interaction, more suspicion, and frequent confrontation under a general premise of fear.

    Mrs. Sadler may have been killed that fateful day. However, when Mrs. Sadler died that day, so did a large piece of Middle America.

    Joseph Dassaro

    Cavendish Drive

    Originally published September 16, 2006
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    That is a very sad story. Maybe the people of Tennessee will wake up and dump their traitor Senator, William Frist; Mr. Amnesty himself.

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    Move to NEW Section for "Americans Killed by Illegals."

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