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    Police Arrest Three Men For Harrisburg Murder (Illegals?)

    This is one of many stories about Americans being murdered that leave out whether perpetrators are illegals. Aren't we all getting tired of the media leaving that important info out. Is it so hard for them or Law Enforcement to state "Illegal or not"?

    Police Arrest Three Men For Harrisburg Murder
    Saturday December 23, 2006 10:13pm Posted By: Amy Smith
    Dauphin County, PA -

    We have an update on the murder of Harrisburg man. Police announced three arrests.

    On December 10th Cung Duong was shot and killed during a robbery at his home on South 19th Street. Before he died, Duong fired back at his attackers - hitting one. Police say 31-year-old Angel Rivera-Figueroa of Harrisburg checked himself into the hospital that night - claiming he was shot by someone who tried to rob him on the Mulberry Street bridge. Rivera-Figueroa was released from the hospital Friday and arrested. 23-year-old Carlos Lopez-Malave and 30-year-old Felipe Vega, both of Harrisburg, were also arrested. All three men face homicide charges.

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    Check out the names. Are we once more dealing with illegal aliens? I wouldn't be at all surprised. Harrisburg needs to get tough like Hazleton.

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    Move to NEW Section for "Americans Killed by Illegals."

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