10 Things You Need to Know about our battle against illegal immigration.

Supporters of Americans for Legal Immigration:

A lot of very important things are happening.

On the national front, some Republicans are trying to revise the Guest Worker Amnesty push in Washington that we have in retreat. Their new trick, known as the Pence Plan or "3rd Way", is another amnesty ploy. This time they promise us enforcement and then later the Executive Branch will engage in a Guest Worker Program when the Executive Branch decides the border is secured. They are calling this measure a "trigger" and we are calling it "bull crap"

We need you back on the phones and e-mails to Congress to tell them all you are not buying it. Tell them there is NO NEED FOR GUEST WORKER PROVISIONS TO BE IN THE SAME BILL AS ENFORCEMENT MEASURES AND THE "TRIGGER" SHOULD BE FRESH DISCUSSIONS OF GUEST WORKER AFTER SEVERAL YEARS OF ENFORCEMENT THAT HAVE SENT MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS PACKING FOR HOME. Enforcement first! Other measures years later after we see results!

Our illegal immigration crisis is being caused by lack of enforcement from the Executive Branch. The Executive Branch is engaged in a consistent push for amnesty and open borders. Why would we hand them anything with a trigger? Bush would have declared the Border Secured to advance his agenda years ago, but we know better.

Let's get on the phones folks! Let's get on the talk radio shows and let this plan have it!

Lobbying Tips
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The New Amnesty Attempt Info

Two Republican Members of Congress Plan to Jump-Start Flagging AMNESTY
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President tries to smash political deadlock and sell new amnesty!
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Why doesn't ALIPAC offer supporters an automated e-mail or fax sending service for Congress?

Many of our core supporters and executive officers are veterans of campaigns and political office environments. While we applaud groups that offer automated faxes and e-mails, this form of communication is very likely to be screened by office staff. We feel that personalized calls and e-mails, with a special focus on calls, is the most effective way to have an impact. ALIPAC Activists are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the issue and practice making personalized calls followed by e-mails for maximum impact. While automated services and bulk communications may be quicker, nothing beats old fashion elbow grease when it comes to influencing lawmakers. We want your voice to be heard and respected so we are advising you to take collective action that will not easily be spotted as a coordinated or central source campaign.


ALIPAC's Job Performance Poll?

Thank you for filling out our new survey questions. If you have not voted yet, you can continue to do so at....


We launched this survey so we can serve you better. The current results show that 89.74% of you are happy with ALIPAC's performance while 12.95% are happy but want to see us do more. The survey shows 7% with a neutral reading and only 3.42% are displeased with ALIPAC's performance levels. Considering the fact that we have several people on this list and on our site that are 100% opposed to our operations, we feel these are good readings.

To address the survey results we are working on a full status report of ALIPAC's operations for you to better inform our supporters about our past and current activities. This report will be up through our two year anniversary coming this September. We hope the progress report will even be informative for those of you that are happy with our performance at this time.

We also plan to use your e-mail feedback to increase and improve our activities. New volunteers are being trained to expand our operations to serve you and our cause better. We really appreciate your support, your patience, and your feedback.



A friend to ALIPAC and member of the Minutemen and Latino Americans for Immigration Reform, Frank George, is about to be in the national spotlight Wed. July 26th. Frank was selected to be on a "reality show" on FX. Frank lived with an illegal alien family for 30 days.

The problem is that one version of the show the producers want to air completely distorts Frank's positions at the end and tries to make it look like his experiences with the family have changed his views. Please read the following and please tune in to the show. We may need your help refuting the editing hatchet job on this show.

The show airs at 10:00 pm E/P on July 26, details at...

Reality Show Deceptive: Border guard: Show stepped over the line
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The Battle for NC is coming down to the last few days. We have had some progress! A resolution has passed the NC House calling for an immigration court to be located in NC. This is not a new law and all other bills are still buried in committee. Our calls and e-mails to the NC Legislature will continue down to the last minute.

Our secondary goals of pointing out to the public which political party and lawmakers are responsible for stopping immigration enforcement measures and helping illegal aliens has been a huge success! Our events and press coverage have placed the blame right where it belongs with the Democrat leadership. Due to ALIPAC's efforts, the following stories are running from the NC Coast to the NC Mountains. Voters will be seeing the contents of these articles again this Fall during the elections.

Here is today's release on the matter. If you are not on the Battle for NC Team list, you may join by emailing WilliamG@alipac.us with the subject line "NC"

NC Democrats Exposed Helping illegal aliens!
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The 21st Century Paul Revere Ride

Our friend Frosty Wooldridge's Paul Revere Ride will be coming to NC on Friday and ALIPAC is working to support and enhance the visit of the riders. Please support this effort when they approach your area. This event is currently on our national schedule of events and will remain there till the riders reach Washington DC.

Details at
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We also have a full collection of Frosty's articles in our archive that you can view and read here...


ALIPAC Shirts, Hats, Bumper Stickers, and other attire are making it out to the public!

Thank you for your support of this project. If you have not ordered your ALIPAC products yet to help us spread the word then please visit this new area of the ALIPAC Action Panel today. Our thong sales are a bit disappointing, but the other items are moving well.

To view the items and order please visit...
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Great books about America's illegal immigration crisis?

We are working on a book list for our supporters and are gathering feedback and suggestions. If you have read a book that you feel should be on our recommended reading list that will be added to the site soon then please place your suggestions here.

Book suggestion list
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Thank you for your interest and support. We can't win without you. More good things to come.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC