Illegal immigration fighters with,

We have only 12 hours left until our final deadline tonight at Midnight.

At the time of this email, we have only raised 25,500 of the $30,000!

It will take an unprecedented response from you to save us as we must raise $4,500 by Midnight tonight!

If we make our goals, we will swing into action tomorrow full force going after every illegal alien amnesty supporter we can in the 2014 elections.

If we fail to make our mark, then instead of fighting illegal immigration supporters, the website will be turned off Monday for 48-72 hours to let the world know what things will be like without the largest archive of information on the deadly illegal immigration invasion of America.

The decision is yours. If you want us to fight, please make a donation of any amount you can afford, even just $10. We also need substantial donations of $250, $500, and $1000 to reach our minimum operations budget!