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Thread: 4 Day Countdown to Amnesty Armageddon Election Day: 4 steps you should take

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    4 Day Countdown to Amnesty Armageddon Election Day: 4 steps you should take

    4 Steps for 4 Days to defeat Obama's Executive Amnesty

    ALIPAC told you that if we could make Democrat losses for the 2014 historic that we could thwart Obama's plan to "go big" on executive amnesty for illegals as he has promised the invasion faction he will do before year's end.

    Now, we have corroborating news that Democrat losses are within range of being historic, Obama's GOP buddies on amnesty (McCain, Rubio, and Graham) are begging him not to do it, and Obama is starting to retreat and hedge his bets! These are all wonderful signs playing out as we predicted they could if we took the right actions! (Click any blue link for more details on each claim.)

    Since we now have the most conclusive evidence in the history of America that large numbers of illegal aliens are stealing US Elections (as ALIPAC foretold in 2010), we need each and every one of you to: A. Take the requested actions below, and B. Mobilize as many others as possible with you.

    Step 1: ALIPAC's online ad campaign is running and bringing a lot of attention to our endorsements, news, and list of amnesty supporters, but we must raise at least another $1,000 to keep the ads going through Election Day, please help us via...

    Step 2: Grab your flags and signs and neighbors, and make some new signs that have "," "NonCitizen Voters = Felonies," and "Stop Illegal Alien Voters," and join us outside the polls on Election Day Nov 4! We are getting a big response so get your team together! Some of our protesters are already outside of early voting locations this week!

    Step 3: Make a personal commitment to get as many Americans as possible to read our ground breaking article that is being updated with very important videos and information as this story unfolds. Have you seen the video of Democrats helping illegals vote in NC? Have you seen the lawsuit filed in Maryland? Use word of mouth, emails, talk radio shows, online boards, and social media to drive as many readers possible (more than 5,000 already) to--

    Illegal Aliens Caught Stealing US Elections Via Felonies In New Studies

    Step 4:
    Nine new campaigns have just been added to the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC Endorsements list! They need your votes, volunteerism, and donations. There is still time for you to help these campaigns in their final push and most critical hours. Please check our endorsements list daily for new additions of candidates who oppose both illegal immigration and amnesty like you do at...

    Let's make history defending our nation from invaders and the traitors within our own gates!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team |

    PS: If you have the time, please view this latest video of our messages going out to the public via the media. The more people view, comment, and vote on this video the more other Americans will hear these messages...
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    Angry #NoAmnesty

    Save #USA vote #GOP (remove #RINOs ).
    313.9 million (2012) United States of America, Population.
    11.4M Unauthorized Immigrant Population = 3.6%
    Foreign-born Population: 2000 31M, 2010 37.6M.
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    PATRIOTS -- CHARGE TO THE SOUND OF THE CANNONS! The battle for American sovereignty is upon us!
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