44 events so far 4 American #police #veterans #BorderPatrol #darrenwilson #Tahmooressi #agentVega Aug 29-30 send yours 2 Protests@alipac.us

These protests will also be against the illegal immigration surge on our borders and against the Obama amnesty plans.

--> We must have more protest locations fast tonight for Monday morning's national release! <---


and event list at...


Many thanks to everyone helping to organize these protests that are bringing in lots of new supporters for ALIPAC's efforts to throw illegal alien amnesty supporters out of office!

We still have a lot of education to do for people to understand that the same biased media and political structures trying to deprive officer Darren Wilson of justice in Ferguson, MO are the same going after our veterans and border patrol agents.

We even have protesters in Ferguson now chanting the same communist slogans the illegal immigrant protesters have been screaming at us for years! Check out this video indicating that illegal immigrant protest handlers are now involved in Ferguson... same chant, same tactic.