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    50 million dollar push for Amnesty aimed at Senators

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    A coalition of left-wing groups, working with Mark Zuckerberg's FWD(dot)us announced they intend to spend more than 50 million dollars to pass nation-destroying Amnesty for "11 million" illegals when we know there are more than 22 million invaders in our country.

    They say they plan to pass these Amnesty bills like HB 6 & 1903 out of the Senate to Biden by getting 10 GOP Senators to help them get the 60 votes they need to overcome the filibuster rule or to violate the rules by putting Amnesty into a reconciliation bill which needs only 50 votes!

    More info and details...

    Amnesty Groups Promise $50 Million Campaign

    It appears that while we usually conduct three main funds drives per year at ALIPAC, we must do more than ever before this year.

    We must raise more funds and mount more activism campaigns that make more calls and reach more American audiences than ever before despite the rapidly increasing censorship being applied to us online.

    Please spread the word about this and take steps to make sure you are both on our email alerts list and our donor lists!

    The enemy is about to hit us with 50 million, and we can beat them with less due to the popularity of our positions, but we must all do more than ever in 2021!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Volunteer Team

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