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    9/11 and ALIPAC's Six Year Anniversary

    September 11, 2010

    Today's grim date marks the six year anniversary of the founding of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC on 9/11/2004.

    We chose that date to honor the victims and family members of 9/11. The formation of ALIPAC was partially inspired by our work with 9/11 family members who were fighting to secure American licenses and borders to prevent future terrorist attacks.

    While we pause to honor and respect those that fell on 9/11, let us also offer our prayers and condolences to the families of over 3,000 Americans who's lives are taken each year due to the failure of the Executive Branch under Bush and now Obama to protect our states from invasion.

    We are told that our young troops are fighting in wars lasting longer than WWII on the other side of the planet, to protect our lives and our way of life here in America. We are told that our troops are fighting to give freedom and working republics to the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    How can any of this be true, when our borders at home go undefended and our homeland is invaded with millions of illegal aliens brought into America and sustained by top level banks, corporations, and politicians?

    How can we be fighting to give freedom to other nations, when the existing laws passed by those we elected in America, and our own Constitution, have been overthrown and overridden by Presidents Bush and now Obama?

    Americans have voted just like those in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet our existing border and immigration laws mean nothing to these presidents and their elite financial backers. Every day that America's borders remain unsecured and our existing laws are inadequately enforced, despite massive public demands, our elections and our American Republic become more of a mockery, a sham, a terrible pretense.

    We want to thank every person who has given of their time and funds over the last six years to build and maintain Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

    We have fought in many battles and we have won and lost our fair share. Many of the battles we have fought and lost, we still fought because someone had to fight.

    ALIPAC supporters are not just people who agree on a political issue such as illegal immigration. ALIPAC supporters are Americans of every race, party, age, and walk of life who are seeing what is really happening in America today.

    ALIPAC supporters are realists and people with bravery and guts who will stand up to problems, instead of running and hiding.

    ALIPAC supporters are true Americans who value the founding principles that have made America the most advanced and successful civilization in human history.

    If more people in America realized that our nation can not be saved, made secure, and prosperous without sacrifice and real dedication, then we would not have an illegal immigration problem.

    Today we offer our thoughts and prayers to all of those who have fallen and suffered due to our government's failure to fulfill its responsibility to protect us all from harm from those outside of our nation.

    Over 3,000 Americans killed each year by illegal aliens who have been let into American are rarely mentioned in the controlled media anymore;due to Janet Napolitano's efforts to silence police about illegal alien suspects and focus police more on Americans who oppose Obama's agenda.

    We have elections approaching in approximately 50 days. ALIPACers from coast to coast are ready to rumble. We have the plan and the people. We have the existing laws and the US Constitution on our side. Our candidate list grows larger each week.

    It has taken us six years to get to where we are today and we stand ready to do all we can in these make or break elections for America.

    We have a real chance of wrestling control of congress from the sellout amnesty pushing Democrats and the even more dishonest Republicans who talk tough on border security, while promising their global masters they will help the Democrats turn millions of illegals into voters, if elected or reelected to Congress. (See John McCain, Rubio, and others)

    We have so many new people who have recently joined ALIPAC, and so many of you have been with us loyally for years.

    We thank you and encourage you to fight with everything you have in you between now and November 2nd. We thank those that have built and sustained ALIPAC and we thank every American out there that has said or done anything to fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty.

    Obama's unlawful executive order amnesty is an act of desperation. He knows that the illegals are flooding out of America and that many amnesty supporting politicians are in great political danger in these elections.

    Obama's approval ratings have fallen to new lows at 41% and will go even lower, as he desperately tries to hold on to his army of illegal aliens here on American soil who stand ready to help him and his supporters overthrow the American Republic.

    In the six years we have been fighting against illegal immigration and against Amnesty, we have located and unified some of the best Americans in the country.

    Take heart my friends and let us remind our adversaries that we run on something far more powerful than money, greed, or ambition.

    The illegal aliens and their supporters have tried every dirty trick in the book to try and stop ALIPAC, and every attempt they have tried has failed. We have beaten back their underhanded methods at every corner. So many of them have wasted their time and energy trying to stop us or dissuade us only to fail again and again. With our faith in God and the truth, we have prevailed against their ruthlessness and lies. We have outlasted many of them, and while many of our adversaries have left or been removed from the political battlefield, ALIPAC remains for six years and onward!

    We are focused like an energized political army on November 2nd and we are going to kick many of your Dream Act Amnesty, Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty, and illegal alien supporting members of Congress out on their backsides in about 50 days!

    We are going to put illegal alien supporting groups and politicians on the run. We will send the illegals packing and we will send the lot of you who don't belong here out of our America.

    William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Thank you ALIPAC for being here to stand for the protection of American citizenship for 6 years and for fighting against all those who violate it.

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    Jun 2011
    Thank you ALIPAC for being here to stand for the protection of American citizenship for 6 years and for fighting against all those who violate it.!

    Yes I also want to say thank you for fighting for our rights and for the safety to all Americans. Someday we will bring them down,I just want it done fast and i know that can't happen.
    But I pray and hope it will in my lifetime so I know my kids and grandkids will see America they way it was and to be proud to be an American or even feel like an American on our own soil!
    So we start by bringing down the HOUSE

    Ok for some reason I'm not doing the quote's right,Tried to fix it but I give up because Hubby is calling for me to help him paint...Yuck!!!

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    Join our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & to secure US borders by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    Sep 2010
    somewhere near Mexico I reckon!
    Before I found Alipac, I pretty much ran around yelling"the sky is falling,the sky is falling" Well the sky fell, and Alipac is still here. I've learned so much from you guys. And yeah! some stuff,a lot of stuff has been, and is pretty frighting. Knowledge is power, you guys are powerful. Thanks again!
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    All Countries have bordersÂ* and laws must be respected

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    Proud to be an Alipac Member, wonderful statement William. Thank You for all you do..


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    Mexico's Maternity Ward :(
    Glad to be here also. I have learned SO MUCH from this website - some of it I wish I hadn't, because I am not the same person I was before I got here, but I mean that in a good way!
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    I have never been so disgusted by a president or his administration.

    Thank you for being here ALIPAC

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    Thank you ALIPAC for standing By The USA Im also Proud To be a Member .
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