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Thread: Additional Tools To Fight Illegal Immigration & Amnesty With

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    Additional Tools To Fight Illegal Immigration & Amnesty With

    While we face major censorship from the national TV networks with our message that any kind of Amnesty for illegal aliens will permanently destroy America's borders, we are still very strong on the Internet and talk radio!

    Our primary way of reaching like-minded Americans who are opposed to illegal immigration is through our primary website and email alerts at

    ALIPAC has also invested a great deal of time, funds, and energy into social media. We are involved on social media sites to: A. Provide you with more avenues of communication with us; B. Reach other Americans with important information and activism alerts; and C. Have multiple lines of communication to make it harder for the elites and their criminal activists to knock out our ability to broadcast.

    We are pleased to report that our current combined social media reach stands today at 212,405 people on our social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, etc...

    Our goal is to exceed 250,000 people on our social media accounts by the end of 2014!

    While we want you to both join our social media channels and help fund our social media outreach efforts, we cannot stress enough that you must remain on our email alerts list from as many of the owners of social media sites like Facebook and Google support the illegal alien invasion of America and can break or hinder our communications with you at any time. So think of our social media options as an additional method, not a replacement for email.

    Please take a few minutes to review all of our social media accounts and options, consider joining, consider sharing them with others, and most importantly becoming our Paul Reveres on the Internet by using social media to relay important articles from our homepage and our activism alerts! Each article and alert posted at has easy to use, and time saving, social media share buttons near the top.

    ALIPAC's Social Media Outreach Accounts To Review, Join, and Support...
    (Located as a top post in our forums Announcements section)

    Growing social media accounts for this professional national level requires funding for advertisements online. Each year, we must use some of our funds to reach out to other Americans who we need standing with us in the fight against illegal immigration and against Amnesty. Please support our current funds drive and need for social media growth funds by making a donation today on our secure donations page at...

    PS: While comments and 'likes' and 'shares' on social media are important, we need more of you to consider participating in our forums at ALIPAC because your comments in our forums are eventually seen by thousands of people, often end up in major media publications, and have the biggest impact on public policy and lawmakers. Please consider creating an account, or restoring an old account, and start reading and commenting with our top activists at
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