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We do not have the transcript of the Hannity Show, so we are encouraging other media sources to contact these sources directly.

Please help us get the word out because if this information is accurate and the American public nor the Congress has been told then WE HAVE A BIG PROBLEM ON OUR HANDS!

Congresswoman Sue Myrick faced criticism from the Press last week when she said that Al-Qaeda had been caught on the border but could not recall her exact source.

Now, Rep. John Culbertson is saying: Al-Qaeda caught crossing US Border in last 6 weeks. News NOT reported to Congress or media. Terrorist training camps now in Mexico. Terrorists changing Islamic surnames to Hispanic-sounding names. Mexican military firing on US Border Patrol on regular basis!

Please read the full reports from and THE CONSERVATIVE VOICE HERE...

Rep. Culbertson: Al-Qaeda caught at border + terrorist training camps in Mexico!

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