Friends of ALIPAC,

We are very pleased to report that our historic call for 150 GOP primary challengers to take on the Eric Cantor style Republicans that voted for the Ryan / Obama Omnibus spending bill has made national news in the Washington Times on Christmas Eve.

While some editor changed the nice title of "Conservative activists target Paul Ryan in 2016 primary for backing spending bill" to
"Tea partyers fume over Paul Ryan’s spending bill, seek conservative challenger" this article is spreading so fast it has become the most popular article on the Washington Times website today!

Let's all pull together on the day after Christmas 2016 to make sure our call for a full scale political revolt inside the GOP reaches all corners of the nation and the ears of many great potential candidates as well as those that have already announced or filed.

We have new candidates contacting now that we will begin to endorse next week!


1. Visit and read this Washington Times article with ALIPAC quoted and support our efforts in comments beneath it.

Conservative activists target Paul Ryan in 2016 primary for backing spending bill

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3. Please make sure you know The Cantor List like the back of your hand and that you are actively searching to help us inspire and recruit candidates to challenge them all!

ALIPAC's Cantor List 2016--

We are very pleased to give your voices national prominence in the fight to save America and Americans from the costly and deadly illegal alien overthrow of our homeland.

William Gheen and the ALIPAC Team