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    ALIPAC Endorses Rep. Cawthorn's Primary Opponent Chuck Edwards

    ALIPAC Endorses Rep. Cawthorn's Primary Opponent Chuck Edwards

    For National Release | April 25, 2022


    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is endorsing scandal-plagued Rep. Madison Cawthorn's GOP primary opponent, State Senator Chuck Edwards, for Congress in NC's 11th District today because of Edward's strong stance against illegal immigration and any form of Amnesty for illegals.

    Chuck Edwards voted for legislation in North Carolina to ban sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants and supported SB 250, "Senate Bill 250 Remove Foreign Citizens from Voting Rolls," which unfortunately was vetoed by liberal Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, who fights to protect his illegal non-citizen voters!

    State Senator Chuck Edwards understands ALIPAC's efforts to warn America of widescale foreign interference with US elections via non-citizen voters, including many illegal immigrants, and has received a copy of ALIPAC's report showing 72 documented examples. (View)

    "We need Chuck Edwards in North Carolina's most conservative congressional district to lead the charge in DC to secure our borders and remove illegal immigrants from our elections," said William Gheen, founder of "Incumbent Congressman Madison Cawthorn has made too many mistakes and is hurting our fight for historic change in DC in the 2022 mid-term elections. We hope he will step aside soon and that the voters of Western North Carolina will rally around Chuck Edwards for US Congress!"

    State Senator Chuck Edwards has represented Buncombe, Henderson, and Transylvania counties in the NC Legislature for three terms and will now be added to ALIPAC's 2022 Endorsements list, where the national network will be encouraged to volunteer for and contribute to his campaign and vote for him when applicable.

    ALIPAC believes incumbent Rep. Madison Cawthorn is likely to drop out of the race for Congress this week to protect the Republican brand after numerous scandals involving comments about DC orgies, charges for speeding, and driving with a revoked license, and now-viral photos of him in women's lingerie.

    For more information about the ALIPAC endorsed Congressional campaign of Chuck Edwards for Congress, please visit...

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