Supporters of ALIPAC:

Thanks to the hard work of one of our citizen activists, we are releasing this news tonight. Please forward and post this information and please send it to any press contacts you can.

Special thanks to our Discussion Groups User named 'Bootsie' that worked so hard to break this news and get the truth out.

ALIPAC Release: Charged NC Serial Rapist is a twice deported illegal alien!


The American media wants to call the rioters in Europe "Youths". Yes, like those pesky kids etc... These are immigrant riots. Please take the time to read up on the latest news on our homepage and take time to vote in our poll after you read.

ALIPAC Online Poll: Could immigrant riots break out across America like in Europe?

For those of you that are new to our updates list, you SHOULD GO WATCH THE BALDWIN PARK PROTEST VIDEOS BEFORE YOU VOTE!

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