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    ALIPAC Issues First Dual Endorsement of Congressional Candidates Causey and Phillips

    ALIPAC Issues First Dual Endorsement of Congressional Candidates Causey and Phillips

    May 1, 2014

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) | (866) 703-0864

    For the first time in the national organization's ten year history, ALIPAC is endorsing two candidates at once in the crowded field of candidates competing in North Carolina's 6th Congressional District to replace retiring Congressman Howard Coble.

    ALIPAC is endorsing the campaigns of both Mike Causey and Jeff Phillips because each has indicated in ALIPAC's 2014 Federal Candidate Survey that they will "Support Americans and legal immigrants by supporting the adequate enforcement of America's existing border and immigration laws as the US Constitution requires for the protection of American jobs, elections, taxpayer resources, health, and lives," instead of supporting any path to citizenship for illegal immigrants that would permanently undermine America's laws and borders. (Click here and here for surveys)

    "Too many Republicans in Washington are trying to provide more cheap labor and encourage more illegal immigration by pushing immigration reform plans that change our laws to accommodate illegal immigrants and those who employ them," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "We are very pleased that we have two candidates running in the 6th district who will support our existing border and immigration laws to protect American citizens instead of catering to illegal immigrants and their employers!"

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is now endorsing and supporting more than 100 candidates for federal office in 2014.

    ALIPAC has more than 50,000 national supporters receiving e-mail alerts who represent peaceful political minded Americans of every race, party, and walk of life. The organization also has more than 250,000 on social media pages and connections.

    ALIPAC encourages all Americans who oppose illegal immigration and amnesty for illegals to focus support on endorsed candidates in the form of volunteerism, voters, and donations.

    For more information about these endorsements and which candidates truly oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants, or to schedule interviews, please visit

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