Members & Supporters of ALIPAC:

There has been a little confusion regarding my last e-mail. I need to hear back from those interested in helping with the "Battle of North Carolina" effort at to add you to a special list on that effort.

Details on the "Battle of NC" operation at this link ... le&sid=332

Everyone else will remain on the ALIPAC master e-mail alerts list for our national efforts.

The response has been great so far. We need people that are willing to help us set up town meetings across NC, lobby the legislature, and show up for "immigration reform day" in Raleigh.

In other news, our activists are working to lobby Congress against the 'Ag Jobs Bill'

There are two other important announcements.

I will be attending and speaking at the 'Unite to Fight' against illegal immigration Summit in Las Vegas, NV 5/27/2005 - 5/29/2005

This event is open to the public and all ALIPAC members are encourged to sign up now and attend if you can.

Also, FAIR is gearing up for the National March on Washington. I cannot personally attend this event, but all ALIPAC supporters are encouraged to participate.

You can find information on both events in our National Calendar of events at this link.

Our April fundraiser is going well and a new Internet server is in place. You may notice that our website runs a lot faster now. More funds are urgently needed for postage for fundraising letters going out this week.

Details on the April Fundraiser

Kind Regards,

William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC