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    ALIPAC's Book Store providing books about illegal immigratio

    Supporters of Americans for LEGAL Immigration:

    Our online national ALIPAC activists have prepared a list of important books about illegal immigration for you to buy and use. It is our hope that this book store will help you expand your knowledge of this issue and provide you with a new tool. We also recommend that you select the books that you like and give them as gifts to other Americans that need to know what is happening to our nation. Don't forget to write your URL inside the cover with a note so those you persuade to take action will know where to find us.

    We also feel it is VERY important that we all reward the authors that have given so much of themselves to write on this important issue.

    We will update the book store regularly with your suggestions and new books that come out on the subject. So many of the leaders in our movement have taken the time to write books. You can find Jim Gilchrist's book (Minutemen), Congressman Tom Tancredo's book, Congressman JD Hayworth's book, Roy Beck's book (NumbersUSA), Peter Brimelow's book (VDARE), and many others at our store.

    The ALIPAC Book store has been added to the ALIPAC Action Panel which is found on the top blue tool bar of every page at

    If you have a suggestion for a book about illegal immigration that you feel should be added to our list, and said book is not currently on our list, please send your suggestion to

    ALIPAC Book Store found at... ... age&pid=28



    We request that every supporter of ALIPAC explore and familiarize themselves with all of the contents in our ALIPAC Action Panel.

    A lot of effort has gone into the contents of this section that is found on the top blue tool bar of every page at

    We request that our online activists provide links to this panel or the sub sections in the panel to other citizens with questions via e-mail and on the Internet forums including the Discussion Groups section at ALIPAC.

    THE ALIPAC Action Panel (AAP) is designed to be a one stop location for all of a citizen's needs for information on this issue. The area is growing all the time and embodies many of the Frequently Asked Questions about illegal immigration.

    The AAP contains information for Legal immigrants, how to report illegal aliens and employers, lobbying congress, Congressional voting records, ALIPAC Products, activism and our national flier campaign, and much more.

    If each of you knows the inventory of resources at the AAP and are providing links into this area for other Americans, this will help us a great deal with our national efforts.

    Let's spread the word about the AAP.

    The ALIPAC Action Panel (AAP) is found at... ... age&pid=19

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
    Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
    Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 329-3999
    FEC ID: C00405878
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    Looks perfect to me.
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