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Thread: ALIPAC's Open Letter to Fox News Owners, Managers, and Show Hosts

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    ALIPAC's Open Letter to Fox News Owners, Managers, and Show Hosts

    Open Letter To Fox News Regarding Bias and Support of Amnesty for Illegals

    June 3, 2013

    Mr. Rupert Murdoch, Mr. Roger Ailes, and Fox News Show Hosts:

    Over the last 8 years, I have been a guest on your network many times. But it appears that I, and most other opponents of illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal immigrants, are no longer welcome on Fox News now that your corporation is lobbying to pass immigration reform amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

    Your motto and claim that your network is "Fair and Balanced" has become a farce as guests who support giving legal status and a path to citizenship to the 12-20 million illegal immigrants in America are heard from almost every day now. Amnesty supporters Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and Karl Rove are the the literal stars of Fox News telling conservatives how they need to accept legislation like Senate Bill 744.

    While the voices that oppose amnesty and support the adequate enforcement of America's existing immigration and border laws instead are rarely heard on Fox News anymore.

    Why would a news network be lobbying for any legislation related to the issues that you are supposed to cover and report on to a divided public?

    With Fox News supporting amnesty for illegals, censoring stories about illegal immigration's negative consequences, and trying to silence sources that would warn the public of the damages this legislation will cause American taxpayers, voters, workers, and students, you have joined the efforts of politicians like Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano, and Eric Holder!

    Fox News is now engaging in the same censorship and biased practices that all of the other major networks like CNN, MSNBC, and CBS, are engaging in. Will you soon be joining the Associated Press by banning the terms "illegal alien" and "illegal immigrant" or are your show hosts already operating under language controls and guest blacklists?

    Instead of reporting the news fairly and providing Americans with different opinions and a full spectrum of information, Fox News has joined the liberal news networks to support nation destroying amnesty legislation that the vast majority of Americans oppose if they know the truth about the legislation and what it means for their future when the next 20 million illegal aliens from 3rd world areas, communist China, and Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia! I feel certain that the 4th largest Fox News shareholder Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia is very pleased with your efforts to support border destroying legislation like S. 744.

    I am asking Americans who oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty like I do, Americans who support immigration and border law enforcement like I do, to contact you and to confront you for this over effort to bias your news reports and guest selections regarding the Obama backed amnesty bill S. 744.

    Fox News, by joining with Obama, MSNBC, and CNN in supporting amnesty for illegals and engaging in massive censorship, is sending a message to lawmakers like McCain, Rubio, Flake, and Graham that they can do whatever they want for as long as they want in Washington, DC, even if it leads to massive deaths, debt, and unemployment among our citizens they are supposed to protect, that they will be protected by this media cabal!

    The only guests on Fox News that oppose this Amnesty are Ann Coulter and Michele Malkin!

    The greatest betrayal of Fox News and all producers and show hosts participating in these illegal alien amnesty support efforts is that you are literally working to displace and replace your most loyal viewers at the ballot box.

    The new voting bloc of tens of millions of illegal aliens will render American conservatives and the Tea Party members permanently ineffectual in American elections if the amnesty bill supported by Fox News passes.

    Americans who overwhelmingly support border security, debt reduction, restrained taxation, and responsible government spending clearly do not have control of our own government at this time.

    Any hopes of reestablishing civilian control over Washington, DC, through peaceful and political means will vanish if legislation rubber stamping Obama's dictatorial decrees granting amnesty to illegals leads to eventual voting rights for illegal immigrants.

    So the current censorship and bias emanating from Fox News is in effect leading your viewers to their own political, and possibly eventual physical, destruction.

    Your corporation has now created Fox News Latino which consistently produces terribly biased propaganda pieces that promote amnesty and illegal immigration while attacking any leaders or groups that oppose the invasion, which shows that you are now heavily financially invested in continuing illegal immigration into America and amnesty for illegal immigrants! If illegal immigration were to stop or reverse, we would not need Spanish language news in America in a decade. Only through amnesty for illegals and further illegal immigration and non-assimilation will your investment in Fox News Latino pay off!

    With Fox News jumping on board with MSNBC, CNN, CBS, the Associated Press, George Soros, the Saudis, the Mexicans, the Chinese, and Barack Obama, and now with Google and Facebook, you all have this Brave New 1984 Totalitarian World wrapped up for us all, don't you?

    What recourse will American citizens or any groups and leaders who should oppose this nation burying Globalist agenda have to reach out and communicate with others when almost all major communications points are now part of the same cabal?

    Fox News viewers who have made your network a great success deserve truly fair and balanced reporting and guest selections on important topics like amnesty and illegal immigration.

    For the sake of America and all American citizens who deserve to have champions who fight for them on issues instead of fighting for illegal immigrants, please withdraw your lobbyists in Washington, DC, supporting Obama's illegal immigration amnesty plans. Please instruct your producers and show hosts to lift the current embargo prohibiting guests who can effectively oppose illegal immigration reform amnesty bill S. 744. Please instruct your employees at Fox News Latino to stop the personal attacks on Americans fighting illegal immigration and to begin using the journalistic principles valued by Americans.

    Hopefully, enough Americans will communicate their support for these corrections and we will all see positive changes at Fox News in the immediate future.

    William Gheen
    President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
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