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Thread: Americans First Project Launched by ALIPAC To Save American Jobs

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    Americans First Project Launched by ALIPAC To Save American Jobs

    Americans First Project Launched by ALIPAC To Save American Jobs

    July 31, 2012

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
    (866) 703-0864 /

    ALIPAC is launching a new effort today called the "Americans First Project", which will educate and encourage American citizens to protect American jobs by refusing services from imported and illegal workers.

    The goal of the Americans First Project (AFP) is to fight to reclaim every job possible for American workers who are currently being systematically targeted for displacement by federal policies and corporations.

    The Americans First Project asks American consumers to insist that companies only send American workers of any race but who are fluent in English to their properties for any services, repairs, installations or deliveries. Companies, repairs, services, products and installations not provided by American labor are to be rejected and replaced with those providing jobs for Americans during these historically bad economic times.

    "When I pay for an installation, roof repair, electrician, or any services which require workers on property I own or rent, I make it clear that the workers can be of any race, but they must be American citizens who speak fluent English," said William Gheen. "I've been practicing this technique for over a year now and I hope to get a lot of other people in the country following my example on this. We can start opening up new jobs for Americans this week if enough people will join me on this."

    The Americans First Project is being added as a permanent new feature of the website. Alipac is the world's largest archive of information about illegal immigration and America's 3rd largest national organization fighting against illegal immigration.

    The AFP will include a new section dedicated to this effort in the Forums at This new section will include a detailed explanation containing tips for pro American worker activists. Citizens participating in the AFP can post questions and their own suggestions as well as their experiences implementing the principles of the Americans First Project.

    To begin the process, William Gheen will post a detailed description of his recent experiences when he rejected and then canceled a $2,000 purchase of a new refrigerator and generator because Home Dept had said they had no American workers to deliver and install the items. The purchase was canceled and the purchase was then made at the Lowes company, which used American workers for the install.

    "People have to be willing to be diligent and to be inconvenienced for the sake of saving American jobs from unnecessary foreign labor," said William Gheen. "American citizens are facing unprecedented joblessness and foreclosures and many jobs that would usually be available to them are being taken by legal and illegal foreign labor. American consumers are no longer exercising much control over anything they consume but when buyers refuse foreign labor and insist on American workers then companies will take notice."

    To learn more about and to participate in ALIPAC's Americans First Project (AFP) please visit to visit our Forum and to join our e-mail alerts.

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    WONDERFUL! As a small business owner - retail sales and installation of floor coverings - I say it's about time! We have lost dozens of residential properties (apartment complexes) to cheap foreign labor over the years. We've also seen this practice widespread in the drywall installation business, interior and exterior painting, concrete and name it and illegals have taken over.

    As consumers, my family and I have for years demanded legal, English speaking Americans when we've needed work done. We won't knowingly patronize ANY business that is not American owned and operated. I go out of my way to purchase gas, even though there's a Citgo right beside my business, owned by an illegal alien Indian who is right now sitting in a detention facility in Georgia, his family members running the store in his absence.

    Thank you, William for standing up for the American worker. In doing so you are also standing up for the independent American small business owners and operators who have been hurt by the illegal alien worker invasion.
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    Employers of illegals are not only anti-American, they are liars and very untrurstworthy! Of course there is a story behimd my statement.
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    I know a man who owns a growing communications technology company that deals with phone switching and relay equipment. They install anything relating to land line and wireless phone equipment.

    They are getting into the Mexican market, but before they can get a contract down there, they must ensure in writing they will not allow ANY employee of theirs to work in Mexico UNLESS THEY SPEAK SPANISH.
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    This is the best thing I have heard in a long time. I would like to know what company does not have American workers who can make a delivery and instillation. The last apartment I lived in had an employee that did not speak very much English. I felt trapped because I could not communicate with him about repairs. The management did not feel it was important for him to learn English. I am an American citizen living under the poverty level so I am not likely to make any large purchases in future. What can the little guy do to make a difference?
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    The average American can have influence right in their own grocery store. First, ask the grocer to hire only Americans, black, white, brown, red, blue Americans. Next, buy only American products. Read labels and choose wisely and you will make a differance. I buy only American produce. Chinese garlic has flooded our markets and are in every store. I have asked many produce mgrs to buy American garlic and after hearing excuses from produce mgrs, finally one has listened to me and has U.S. garlic. I will shop there now. The produce I buy depends on what is grown in America. I will not buy foreign produce and put our American farmers out of business. Next, buy only American raised meat. Do not buy meat imported from Mexico and South America. US beef, poultry and pork is the safest and best in the world thanks to our American Farmers and Ranchers. Read labels and ask questions, let them know you want American raised meat. Don't let ranchers go out of business one by one because they are undercut with foreig,n inferior, infected meats.....
    Last, do not shop in the foreign food isle. It starts as one isle, then two etc...They remove American products to have room for these foreign products. Do not buy foreign soda, beer or any other product from foreign countries on these isles. Last month, My favorite kettle chips were removed and replaced with a whole section of tortillas and hot chips which took their place even though tortillas are in many other places already.
    Last week on the soup isle, I went to buy Knorr vegetable soup mix to make the typical American Spinach dip. It was gone. I asked the asst. manager who barely speaks English, where it went and he said that he cancelled it and that he now has Knorr in the foreign food isle, Knorr mexican soup...He was very happy to tell me that!
    Buy American Hire American and we will take our country back.
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