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    Amnesty bill filed: You must move now to save yourselves


    This morning the Gang of 8 traitors filed an 844 page illegal immigration amnesty bill (S.744). They plan to vote and pass it before the American public can read, debate, or understand what is in the bill and what impact it will have destroying America's borders in the future.

    We will send you a link to the bill soon as we form a reading team to race against time and find all the problems to alert people about.

    The illegal aliens and their supporting groups are calling Congress today to demand citizenship and amnesty so they may replace you in your jobs, homes, and elections.

    Right now we need all of you to fight for your lives using ALIPAC's strategies and methods. For those of you who are new, our strategies played a key role in defeating Amnesty more than 3 times before.

    Fight against the apathy and the online chaos and panic over this bill.


    Step 1:
    Read, understand, utilize, and help distribute our national press release going out now. Please bombard your local and national media contacts with copies. Don't have emails for your local media or favorite national media? Try locating that on your favorite search engine, will take you about 15 minutes. The media and lawmakers need to see multiple copies of this release today coming in from many different Americans like you!

    ALIPAC Plans To Defeat Illegal Immigration Amnesty Bill Again

    Step 2: Get on the phones to all members of the Congress and Senate. We will send you more talking points to fight the bill soon, but here is what you use today.

    Ask for time
    "I'm calling to ask ________ to stop the illegal alien amnesty supporters from rushing this 'immigration reform' bill through the Senate and Congress. This bill is 844 pages long and most of us can't print that at home much less read it by next week! Americans deserve a chance to know what is in Senate bill 744. Please stop the rush on the bill!"

    Tell them who you represent
    "I represent the 72% of all Americans, including more than 80% of Republicans, who oppose legalizing illegal immigrants and want you to enforce our existing immigration laws instead according to the new Pulse Opinion Research national poll. Do you have a copy of that poll? Give me an email or fax number to send you a copy please."

    Link to new poll

    Ask them for due process and hit them with the new poll showing most Americans disagree with what S. 744 is attempting to do!

    Here are all the US Senate numbers you need...

    and the numbers you need for Congress

    Step 3: Sign our new online petition you find in the press release and share it with as many contacts as possible. More Americans like us are signing each day and many of them are receiving this email to give them a chance to fight against Amnesty with ALIPAC!

    Lets get on the phones ALIPACers, and rally our friends and neighbors to join us in defense of America.

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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