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Thread: Amnesty Kryptonite: New Poll Shows Illegals Will Vote Democrat 8 to 1

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    Amnesty Kryptonite: New Poll Shows Illegals Will Vote Democrat 8 to 1

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We have been working hard to explain to politically suicidal Republicans eager to lead their party and our nation to doom with amnesty for illegal aliens that 20 million illegal alien voters will turn America into a one party system. Perhaps some of these Republicans like McCain, Rubio, Flake, Graham, Boehner, Cantor, and Ryan plan to just join this one party system. Or even worse, perhaps we are already governed by that one party system!

    But today, we have the proof we need to turn more than 90% of Republicans and real Conservatives so firmly against the Obama backed nation destroying amnesty plan in the US House!

    Today's news can by Amnesty Kryptonite! If you properly use this new information, it can destroy Amnesty 2013! But each of you must realize that it is up to you to deliver this information to the proper targets. You cannot assume that other people or the media will reach the GOP movers and shakers, much less voters, with this information. It is up to you.

    Amnesty Killing Kryptonite

    A new poll by the Pew Research Center shows that the new voting bloc of illegal aliens created by the Senate's S. 744 and new legislation being planned in the House will vote Democrat 8 to 1. This injection of new entitlement voters behind Democrats will assure the Democrats control Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the Presidency for decades if not hundreds of years into the future.

    In fact, within 10 years of implementation of Amnesty, Republicans will be unlikely to control many state legislatures as well. All true Americans of every race and party will be playing defense forevermore if this amnesty passes!

    If you are most like the Americans who founded this nation and who have sustained it with blood, sweat, and taxes for 200 years, then you will no longer be the driving force in American politics! While Democrats will enjoy initial gains, even liberals will quickly learn they have very little in common with the millions of 3rd world invaders streaming in from now on.


    Step 1: Read, understand, circulate, and continue to circulate and utilize these reports for the rest of the year...

    Pew Research: Unauthorized immigrants overwhelmingly Democrats

    ALIPAC Press Release

    ALIPAC Uses New Poll To Shut Down Amnesty 2013

    If you need to find this information again, today it will be added to ALIPAC's poll and survey collection found on each page at under "illegal immigration facts" on left of screen at this link...

    Step 2: Bombard every GOP lawmaker, county chairman, precinct captain, talk radio and online audience, and voter you can with this information over and over!

    Develop and utilize our new national SLOGAN that goes...

    "20 Million Illegal aliens will vote Democrat 8 to 1 according to Pew Research!"

    You need emailed copies of this material, phone calls, faxes, letters, article photo copies pouring into the DC and District offices of Congress. Make members of Congress and their staff your top priority. Remind each staff member and GOP lawmaker you talk to that they will all be out of a job eventually if Amnesty passes based on these poll readings! Here is ALIPAC's Congressional Contact info for you to use...

    If you would like to focus your activism on the GOP House members the Amnesty faction hopes will join them supporting Amnesty, we have that smaller target list for you here...

    Step 3: Don't Stop With Just Congress

    Use online resources to find the GOP chairperson for your county and send them this information and ask them to picture America with almost 20 million new Democratic voters added. Use the list of other delivery targets below. It will take a lot of legwork, but this must be done!


    - GOP County Chairs and officers
    - GOP Precinct captains
    - GOP Governors and State Lawmakers
    - GOP Sheriffs
    - GOP County Commissioners and City Council members
    - Talk Radio Shows with conservative audiences (Deliver to hosts and staff)
    - Talk Radio Show call in (Call and say our slogan live on the air)
    - Share on social media with friends and family
    Share by email with friends and family and Republicans you know.

    You now have the power to turn every Republican against amnesty and against the GOP traitors that are helping Obama to pass amnesty at this time.

    If you have questions or suggestions, please post them at this activism tacking link...

    We will be assisting your efforts by sending this information out to more media and rallying our entire ALIPAC network. We are counting on you to deliver this information to every GOP point of interest you can. If enough of you respond and put in enough effort, you can shut down amnesty with this.

    Let's Roll, ALIPACers!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

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