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Thread: Amnesty Support Costs Republican Endorsement of Illegal Immigration Fighting Group

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    Amnesty Support Costs Republican Endorsement of Illegal Immigration Fighting Group

    Amnesty Support Costs Republican Endorsement of Illegal Immigration Fighting Group

    For Immediate National Release

    December 17, 2012

    Contact: ALIPAC / (866) 703-0864 /

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is dropping the national organization's long standing endorsement of Congressman Ted Poe today. This comes as a result of his unexpected support for a new guest worker program plus a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently inside the United States which would eventually create a new voting bloc that will displace millions of American voters.

    Congressman Ted Poe (202-225-6565) is the first candidate endorsed by ALIPAC to ever switch sides to join the pro Amnesty faction.

    "We are very disappointed to see Congressman Poe abandon the existing laws of congress and his responsibility to protect all states from invasion as the constitution requires," said William Gheen President on ALIPAC responding to Poe's December 16 letter to Politico. "It is sad to see someone who we believed would stand up for the American public against illegal immigration suddenly become a Bush era Guest Worker Amnesty supporter willing to change laws to serve illegal aliens instead of American workers. It is illegal alien supporting, Republicans like Ted Poe who are hurting the GOP, not a lack of Amnesty for illegal immigrants who will vote 70% Democrat. We hope and pray there are not more turncoat Republicans like Poe who plan to support Amnesty since the GOP lost only 8 House seats in the last elections."

    ALIPAC has endorsed Congressman Ted Poe since 2008. The group believed that Congressman Poe supported America's existing border and immigration laws instead of any form of Amnesty that is so desired by illegal immigrants and their supporters.

    This week's letter shows that Poe clearly supports a new 'Guest Worker' program, that unlike America's many other guest worker programs would give Amnesty to illegal aliens and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently in the US.

    "Ted Poe is now embracing a radical law change that would eventually permanently silence conservative voters in US elections and destroy all future efforts at border or immigration law enforcement," said William Gheen. "Unfortunately it looks like he has bought into the hype by the liberal media." Did Congressman Poe forget about John McCain losing over 65% of the Hispanic vote after offering Amnesty to illegals? The last thing the GOP needs is another DC insider who flip flops on their major positions and focuses more on helping illegal immigrant invaders instead of suffering American citizens

    The national organization NumbersUSA has given Ted Poe an A+, prior to this letter, for his strong stances against illegal immigration and Amnesty. This rating will hopefully change dramatically after Poe's conversion to an Amnesty supporter.

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is removing their endorsement today and advising supporters to drop all support for Congressman Ted Poe and to seek a viable primary challenger for 2014. Citizens interested in forming a grass roots effort to remove Congressman Poe from office before he has a chance to vote for legislation that would replace his current constituents with illegal immigrant voters, should visit

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