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Thread: Amnesty Warning: New York to help illegal aliens Georgia moves to defend American

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    Amnesty Warning: New York to help illegal aliens Georgia moves to defend American

    Friends of ALIPAC:

    Your recent victories against illegal immigration invasion supporters in Indiana and Florida should have your morale up for more wins in New York and Georgia this week!

    Illegal alien supporters in New York are very close to passing a watered down illegal alien Amnesty bill in the hopes of dishing out the full Amnesty in the future American defenders in Georgia are very close to joining two surrounding states by kicking all of the illegal aliens stealing seats from American college kids out of college all together!

    We need ALIPAC supporters from all states to converge on New York to stop Amnesty legislation, converge on Georgia to kick the illegals out of colleges, and then to carry the Georgia bill to your own state lawmakers. ALIPAC will respond to your state as soon as you get some legislation moving on the ground.

    We need you on the phones today following these simple steps!


    Step 1: Read, understand, post links into, share, and utilize this article alerting you to the powerful group of politicians and their Amnesty plans in New York State!

    New York Immigrant Groups Push Hard on Scaled-Back DREAM Act

    Step 2: Create your own distinct version of our strategic message and then personalize it for each call you make to NY lawmakers. Make sure you call each office you can and follow up with a written version by email, fax, or letter. This labor intensive way of reaching out to lawmakers is the same way that one of their constituents who cared enough to call would approach them. This is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to lobby.

    "Senator/Representative _________ I am calling/writing today to ask you to actively oppose and vote against the New York DREAM ACT AMNESTY for illegal immigrants. Illegal aliens should not receive any taxpayer benefits as this would encourage more illegals to come to or remain unlawfully in the United States. National polling demonstrates that over 70% of Americans oppose any taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens. Please stand with the American citizens and legal immigrants you should represent and oppose those that would give American tax monies to illegal aliens. I look forward to hearing of your vocal opposition to the unpopular and immoral theft of American tax dollars and limited seats in our colleges occupied by illegal aliens by opposing the New York Dream ACT AMNESTY."

    Step 3: Access the phone numbers, online contact, addresses etc... for New York lawmakers at this link.....
    New York State Assembly - Member Section

    GEORGIA: Kick the illegal aliens out of our colleges

    Step 1: Read, understand, post links into, share, and utilize this article from the ALIPAC homepage alerting you to the actions of brave lawmakers defending Americans from illegal aliens in Georgia.

    Georgia Senate votes to Ban Illegal Immigrants from Georgia's Public Colleges

    Step 2: Quickly draft your distinct version of our strategic message. Copy and paste standard messages will not make it to lawmakers or will be quickly discarded without impact due to the electronic screening processes in state legislatures.

    "Dear Representative __________: I am calling/writing today to ask you to follow the fine example set by the Georgia State Senate and to pass Senate Bill 458/House Bill 59 to bar illegal aliens from attending Georgia colleges. Our colleges have been built and sustained with the taxes and tuition of generations of Americans and should not be stolen by illegal immigrants. Our limited seats in Georgia colleges should go to Americans and legal immigrants who need those seats more than ever in today's economy. Allowing illegal aliens to go to college steals taxpayer resources from innocent Americans while encouraging illegal aliens to enter and remain in the United States; which is a violation of federal law. Please do the right thing and stand with the vast majority of your constituents who want the illegals out of Georgia colleges."

    Step 3: Use this link to access the contact information for the Georgia State House and remember to call first and then send in a written follow-up by email,fax or letter.

    House Members List

    If you would like your state to join the growing list of states that have both rejected in-state tuition for illegal aliens and are now kicking illegals out of state colleges all together, please circulate copies of these Georgia bills to your state lawmakers coast to coast!


    GEORGIA Senate Bill 458
    SB*458*2011-2012 Regular Session

    Thank you for your support and effective activism!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Please post this alert on other sites and use the distribution features on our homepage to share this on twitter and Facebook.
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    Here we go again what part of illegal don't these people get....illegal is illegal....Legal is Legal and the two don't mean the same!!!!! "Comprende"

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