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Thread: Another National Tragedy on Jan 7, 2020

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    Another National Tragedy on Jan 7, 2020

    "Another tragedy is that leftists are blaming & bashing the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump, including their own friends & family, for the destructive actions of a thousand people who entered the Capitol on Jan. 6." -- William Gheen of

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    These people did this of their own free will. They made the decision on there own. A bad decision. The vast majority of Trump supporters remained peaceful. Donald Trump did not tell them to take the Capitol. He didn't ask for violence. The group took it upon itself. The ones they showed posing for pictures didn't look like the average Trump supporter to me. It hurts me to see how they are now treating Trump. This turned out perfect for the Trump haters in Congress. I almost thought they'd planted people in the crowd to instigate the rush, knowing Trump would be blamed.

    If they had let the elections be investigated and we found out Biden won legally, without cheating, Trump supporters would be unhappy, but their lives would go on. They wouldn't riot and burn and destroy buildings like the left. But none of that happened. Everything was kept secret and they tried to brainwash us into believing there was no fraud. But we saw many charts, figures, videos, knew of all the affidavits claiming irregularities. People are frustrated because there appears to be no justice. We're lied to. I know I am angry as hell, distrustful and want the truth found by peaceful means. And that describes nearly all the Trump supporters. Law abiding people of all types.
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    Capitol Siege: Four Veterans Give Their Firsthand Account on Thursday’s Protest at US

    Capitol Siege: Four Veterans Give Their Firsthand Account on Thursday’s Protest at US Capitol

    by Ben Wetmore
    Published January 8, 2021 at 8:06am

    There was a small group that was on the front line during the storming of the US Capitol on Wednesday after traitor Mike Pence stabbed Trump and America in the back.

    They asked not to use their names or identifying information because they are unsure whether federal authorities will pursue them, or if they will be harassed by left-wing doxxers.

    They verified their stories with video and pictures of the event. I will quote their comments as “Adam,” “Bill,” “Charles,” and “Doug.”

    Most importantly they all related that the crowd was completely non-violent and the police instigated the violence against the protesters before they even got on the Capitol grounds.

    “We were on the sidewalk first, up against some metal barricades and bleachers, waiting for President Trump to come speak at the Capitol at 1 PM.

    Ten minutes before, thousands of people were on the street chanting “F*** you Nancy” and “Stop the Steal” on a megaphone and people were getting upset because we had just found out that Vice President Mike Pence had gone back on a previous statement indicating he would question the certification of electors. As the crowd found out that they had been betrayed yet again by the GOP establishment, lied to by someone as cowardly as Mike Pence, people’s anger was visible,” said Charles. “They unrolled a massive banner of vampire Nancy Pelosi and it charged up the crowd.”

    “The streets were jam-packed, of everyday people: grandmas, children, families, lawyers, doctors, people from all walks of life. This was an American crowd,” said Bill.

    They Were Hitting Old Men and Women

    “These families moved to the interior barricades, it wasn’t aggressive, just peaceful. This is where the cops came in and used overwhelming force. We were on the line with the barricade and out come the metal batons and they started hitting Trump protesters as hard as they possibly could. They were hitting old men and old women, people who for some reason brought their families to the event. I couldn’t believe that there were young kids walking in this crowd, but the police were targeting the kids and hitting them with a baton across the head. It was vicious.” according to Charles.

    “They were regular police at this point,” said Bill.

    This action by police brought the crowd to a fever pitch, where they were demanding that they be treated respectfully, but instead, the police began either pepper spraying or tear-gassing the crowd. They then fought their way through four layers of barricades.

    As they were storming the Capitol, “There was one guy who climbed up a tower and could oversee the entire battle, he knew exactly what to say, and he was steering people into the Capitol. It was straight out of the movie ‘Enemy at the Gates’ when the Soviet Commissars were shouting at people to move ahead. He was super old, this guy was clearly a combat vet. I can still hear him, ‘if you don’t move forward, Biden moves in!’ – This guy was a real pro, and was shouting at people that “every step forward” and to “close the gaps” and that turning back was turning our backs on Trump. He said if we didn’t move forward, that Pence was going to give us Biden Communism. He was 50 feet in the air and commanding the whole scene. He was telling people to pass bottled water ahead and other resources.” said Charles.
    I saw one older woman bleeding profusely, it looked like her eye came out of the socket.

    “We could tell that the 200 riot police were being very careful to stay behind the barricades, so we thought that denying that to them would cause them to be less vicious.

    There were metal connectors that we grabbed and then threw back at them like javelins. That then caused the barricades to come loose and by then, people were so angry that they started beating up the cops for attacking the kids and grandmothers. There was one very obese cop in particular, he was shooting people on purpose in the eyes with pellet pepper packs that was causing horrible injuries. I saw one older woman bleeding profusely, it looked like her eye came out of the socket. We were coming for that asshole when we tore down the barricades, but later when they saw that it turned into a fair fight, they fled,” said Bill.

    “They tried to gas us. I’ve experienced tear gas before, and this wasn’t normal. It smelled different, its color was different in the air, and it stung a lot more. You couldn’t breathe. But what was happening was that it was just windy enough where it was kind of hitting the front line guys hard but then dissipating through the crowd and not having the intended effect,” said Bill.

    This was when, according to the small group, protesters started disassembling the metal barricades to protect the police.

    The pandemonium of the police running away from the crowd and being attacked by some, revealed that a larger force was ‘flanking’ them on one side, expecting to come in and trap the large group of angry protesters whipped up by police brutality. Just then, they were hit by repeated concussion grenades or ‘flash bangs’ of some type that stunned them all.

    “It was coordinated on all sides, the cops were hitting us with six cans of tear gas at once, and multiple grenades. They were shooting at the same time. It felt like a shooting gallery, and they were the aggressors. They were shooting into the crowd several rows back really for no reason,” said Charles.

    After the barricades came down and one of the last grenades exploded, “It caused me to kind of reset and wake up, and my ears are ringing and then in the sunlight, you see the Capitol right in front of you and you realize what has to happen next,” said Adam.

    The police were moving forward and advancing, and about to take control of the protesters.

    “So we see this happening, and we realize what’s about to happen, these vicious cops are about to hurt all these people and then likely arrest us all and there’s no way to retreat without being trampled, so I turn to the guys around me and yell out, ‘Mama didn’t raise no bitch’ and so we threw the barricades aside and rushed the Capitol. We had them on the run and we knew they couldn’t stop us. We used the scaffolding from Biden’s inauguration platform to get into the complex,” said Doug.

    Adam added, “They put us in this situation where we had no options. We couldn’t go back against the crowd, we were being pushed into these cops, and the cops were cracking skulls with metal batons for no reason. Then we could see that they were about to make things even worse. They made this situation and gave us no other options.”

    The scene took on a life of its own after that, they said. Where battles with the vicious Capitol Police and other police forces outside continued, as many rushed into the Capitol, while others who were curiosity seekers entered the Capitol.

    When asked how people got to the higher levels of the Capitol, Bill explained, “Oh that was hilarious. Someone noticed the crane for Biden’s inauguration stand and took control over it. It became the magic lift for getting people up into the building. It was like Bob the Builder and his magic lift for sieging the illegal Pence certification.”

    “There was something that told me that actually entering the building was too far, so I stayed outside, but it was tempting. The police were still trying to hurt our people, and there was this surreal moment when a large group of Grandmas came up and sat down on the Capitol steps. They were blocking the entrance for many protesters, but they were tired and didn’t have anywhere else to sit. It felt like they thought Mike Pence was going to come out and give them ice cream, juice boxes, and a personal tour. They had no idea what they were in the middle of, and none of us really did. No one was a professional protester here, they were just forced by necessity to move forward or get cracked in the head by a baton,” said Adam.

    One of the victorious women in these clashes with the cops, a 70ish year old gray-haired woman, was fighting with the cops and when they ran away they left one of their helmets behind. Charles said, “People were getting serious injuries and we were still winning. We aren’t tired of winning. So this Grandma had her victory and she took that helmet like it was her enemy’s skull, and she walked over to the podium where Biden was going to give his inauguration and she held it up and gave a roar.”

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    Very interesting report.
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    Hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans peacefully attended the event. There is video of someone trying to break a glass window at the Capitol and the crowd was telling them to stop and yelled “Antifa.” There is also video of a crowd of people being let in to the Capitol through double doors. There is video of someone dressed as law enforcement luring people in and up some stairs.

    Whatever ensued to escalate the situation that resulted in the killing of the unarmed veteran and the death of others will hopefully be fully investigated. This situation was sad. Odd that it occurred as evidence of potential election fraud was being presented.

    Law enforcement is actively trying to identify and charge people in this situation. What about all of the violence and looting, burning, and terrorizing that was permitted to occur and destroy lives by BLM Marxists, Antifa, and others in multiple cities. Were those violent incidents as actively and thoroughly investigated? Many of those rioters had Democrat bail out funds that were made readily available.

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    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Now Un-elected Joe Biden is spewing his hate for Trump, 80,000,000 of his supporters, and barfing out the race card...AGAIN.

    Same old playbook.

    He looks like an angry, agitated, hateful, constipated, curmudgeon every time he speaks.

    Nowhere in Presidents Trump speech did he utter ONE WORD to go storm the Capitol building and destroy it. Quite the opposite.

    Trump is the President of law and order, our military safety, and secure borders.

    Trumps rallies are hard working, fun, happy people having a good time.

    I am angry this mob did this. Antifa were the instigators and the crowd got caught up in the frenzy.

    I put 100% blame on Nancy Pelosi, Fake News, and the sewer rats who have attacked Trump from day one, 365, 24/7, in our face every damn waking day of our lives and the misery they have caused us.

    It is mental and verbal abuse what they have done to the people of this great country for four long years and they have pushed people over the edge with this dirty election on top off all we have had to endure from that nasty woman Nancy Pelosi!
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    EXCLUSIVE: Witness at Capital Called Crowd “Overwhelming, Peaceful, Beautiful Crowd” – Media Still Won’t Acknowledge Voter Fraud

    by By Joe Hoft
    Published January 9, 2021 at 6:24pm

    Below are the first hand accounts from three witnesses who made it to the US Capitol on January 6th.

    Summary from the two witnesses who both made it to the top of the steps on the west side of the Capitol, to the police line:

    • “It was NOT a riot. The best description is a mosh pit.”
    • DID NOT SEE ANTIFA in this area – although there was an agitator with a bullhorn who the witnesses thought might have been a plant
    • Witnesses saw NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND among the marchers. Nothing was thrown either.
    • Witnesses heard NO THREATS to the police. People were verbally demanding access to the public building to witness Congress’ actions.
    • Police had no megaphone, and no Public Address system. Police made no announcements. Police did not tell crowd to disperse; police gave no warning of firing tear gas or using batons; police did not declare an unlawful assembly.
    • Police refused to talk with any of the marchers on the West Capitol steps.
    • Congress did not send any member or staff person to address the crowd. Given the good nature of the crowd, witnesses believe everyone on the West Capitol Steps would have held back if they had been addressed by someone – even saying, “Here’s what’s happening – we hear you – we are working on allowing some people into the gallery.”
    • Witnesses did not see any person in the crowd initiate any act of violence. Police initiated violence (clubbing protesters) without warning or justification.
    • Press was not visible. (This applies not only to Capitol steps, but to entire walk from Washington Monument to Capitol area – never saw the Press.)

    WITNESS #1 – in front row at top of steps on West side of Capitol building

    • Witness is a business professional in his 50’s.
    • The witness was located between the growing crowd behind him, and the police line in front. He saw a police officer fall near him, and heard marchers say, “We need to help the police” – and then he saw Marchers lift the police officer back to his feet. –
    • A police officer clubbed the witness multiple times in the kidney area and side of body.
    • Witness reported that being struck multiple times by an officer, it hurt most the first time an area was struck, especially the kidney. He shouted out in defiance, “Is that all you’ve got? You hit like a girl.” He then turned and saw it was a female officer striking him, and a nearby male officer laughed.
    • Witness was subjected to tear gas, with no warning or request to disperse.
    • The witness saw a Marcher in front of him who was being beaten with a baton by a police officer. The witness reached around the person like a bear hug, and when the baton came near again, the witness grabbed the baton with two hands and then immobilized it against the person’s body. He looked at the police officer and said, “Are we done now?” Shortly after the witness let go of the baton, all the police retreated inside the Capitol Building.

    WITNESS #2

    • Witness is a business professional in his 50’s
    • Witness was in same general vicinity as first witness
    • Witness was subjected to tear gas, with no warning or request to disperse.
    • Witness saw a police officer raise a baton overhead; the officer started to bring it down potentially on the head of an innocent marcher – the witness and another marcher grabbed the baton and took it from the police officer. The baton disappeared into the crowd and was not used again.
    • As police retreated into the Capitol, this witness took a direct hit of pepper spray to the eyes. He was blinded for several minutes. Members of the crowd led him to a volunteer medic. The police had no medics. The medic helped to flush him with water, which meant he was soaking wet in cold weather. An elderly couple volunteered and led him by hand over ¼ mile back to meet me. He said the tear gas was bad, but it was more dispersed so he was able to sustain it. But the pepper spray was a direct blinding hit.

    WITNESS #3


    • Beautiful crowd including disabled people courageously walking on crutches; old ladies in wheelchairs; several ladies in “Rascal” type scooters; families and children; many different minorities; young and old; a wide variety of creative and colorful patriotic outfits; people with dogs from small pomeranians and Westies to an extra large wolf hound.
    • I spoke with people from all over the country – even from “Blue” states like Massachusetts, Minnesota, California & New York
    • Real grassroots – NOT ASTROTURF – lots of homemade signs and a wide variety of flags.
    • Chinese Americans were perhaps the most visible minority – many hats and signs said “END CCP.” I spoke with several of these people who were very concerned about CCP tactics coming to the U.S.
    • I saw and heard one agitator in camo garb in our viewing area near the Ellipse who tried unsuccessfully to disrupt the President’s speech, but the event was overwhelming dominated by regular people.
    • From the Washington Monument to the Capitol, there was not a single Porta Potty or visible public toilet. Most nearby restaurants were also closed.
    • As a not very strong middle aged woman, I felt 100% safe all day marching and standing in the crowd.
    • POLICE ABSENT: From the Washington Monument to the Capitol area, the only evidence of police / security that I saw was snipers on various rooftops, and snowplows, etc. blocking roads (but empty of personnel). Someone from inside the DOJ building was peering out of a window with a big camera.


    • Democrat led occupation of Wisconsin State Capitol – Gov. Walker’s State Police did not harm people in the aggressive fashion the Witnesses experienced, even though the Wisconsin example involved a very ugly crowd in contrast to the peaceful crowd of Jan. 6
    • Chicago Police Union chief defends the Jan 6 protesters:

    This report agrees with our report of other first hand witnesses after the event on Wednesday (videos):

    “We had No Weapons. We Were Peaceful. They Started Shooting At Us.” Police Attacked Protesters With Pepper Spray, Tear Gas and Clubs.

    Protesters spoke with the Epic Times this afternoon and claimed their innocence. They said the police got very violent very quickly. The President tweeted earlier: Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement. They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 6, 2021 “One woman shared … Continue reading“We had No Weapons. We Were Peaceful. They Started Shooting At Us.” Police Attacked Protesters With Pepper Spray, Tear Gas and Clubs.

    The Gateway Pundit

    The Media still hasn’t acknowledged the massive fraud in the 2020 election. Instead Big Media changes the narrative and lies about Americans protesting peacefully in Washington DC.
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