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Thread: An answer to Forrest Carr's question

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    An answer to Forrest Carr's question

    "So, on behalf of a KGUN9 viewer, let me pose it again here: in light of denunciations and criticisms by some, including John McCain and the Anti-Defamation League, on the grounds that ALIPAC is supported by some extremist groups, why should Jesse Kelly accept your endorsement? "

    Mr. Forrest Carr:

    In answer to your question. Congressional candidate Jesse Kelly does not need to "accept" our endorsement because none of the hundreds of candidates we have endorsed over the years have been asked to "accept it" and most campaigns are not asked to "accept" endorsements from PACs traditionally.

    Furthermore, squirm as you may, your real question is not a question at all. It is a liberal, biased, and lying attack by which your question is "considering ALIPAC ties to white supremacists and Nazis why won't Jesse Kelly accept your endorsement as we ask him about that?"

    The truth is that Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has no "ties" and is not "backed by" white supremacists or Neo Nazis. You only have Amnesty supporters making that claim like John McCain and the ADL. You and KGUN 9 have an ethical obligation not to tell lies like the ADL and McCain have and not to engage in partisan mud slinging towards Jesse Kelly trying to tie him to Neo Nazis and the murder of six million Jews.

    KGUN 9 is trying to defame Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and Jesse Kelly with false accusations of racist ties despite the well documented fact that we are a multi racial organization, that openly works with and supports minority leaders, groups, and candidates for public office. In doing so you have insulted our Black, Hispanic and White supporters as well as our Black and Hispanic candidates.

    The John McCain and ADL lie is based on some postings and links on racist websites that have not responded to our calls for them to not link to us. Some of these same websites are posting articles from and links to KGUN 9 and the Arizona Daily Star which has endorsed Jesse Kelly's opponent Ron Barber.

    So now, we challenge you to answer our question. When will KGUN ask Congressional Candidate Ron Barber on camera if he is going to accept the endorsement of KGUN 9 or the Arizona Daily Star since both media outfits now have "ties to" or are "backed by" Neo Nazis and white supremacists in the same fashion Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is?

    Or perhaps you could change your question to Jesse Kelly and ask him "Mr. Kelly are you going to accept the endorsement of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC which has ties to the same Neo Nazi white supremacist websites that KGUN and the Arizona Star are backed by using the criteria for such claims established by McCain and the ADL?"

    We can discuss this matter as long as you like Mr. Forrest Carr. The more we discuss it, the more people will learn that you and your station KGUN 9 have engaged in an unethical practice of broadcasting lies claiming a multi racial organization that has done all in its power to rebuke racists and welcome minorities into the fight against illegal immigration as being backed by Neo Nazis due to anonymous posts and links on websites.

    Thanks to the power of the Internet and Facebook, liberal media outfits like KGUN 9 broadcasting lies like this can't get away with it like you have in the past.

    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAPPY2BME View Post
    OMG! It's sad but TRUE... and it's certainly the Obozo way!

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    Jesse Kelly: The Congressional Candidate Illegal Immigration Supporters Fear Most

    by ALIPAC
    Published on 05-25-2012 10:47 AM Number of Views: 814

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We endorsed Jesse Kelly for Congress again in 2012 due to his strong stance against illegal immigration, his strong run in 2010, and the answers he provided on his ALIPAC candidate survey (Click to view).

    Now, he is under intense attack from liberal illegal immigration supporters in the ...
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