Answering VDARE and Brimelow's Second Unprovoked Attack on ALIPAC

July 14, 2010

by William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Peter Brimelow, today I will take you up on your offer to post my letter of response to your recent unprovoked attacks on our organization ALIPAC on your site VDARE.

Your thin skinned tirade was replete with so much false information I thought I was reading the latest hit piece from the SPLC and ADL. While the title on your hit piece on me reads "Turning The Other Cheek To ALIPAC’s Bill Gheen," you proceeded to write out around fifteen paragraphs of false information and juvenile claims of how you feel your website and 'wisdom' are better than mine. It is always convenient when my political adversaries prove themselves to be hypocrites and liars in their own words, for all to see.

I'm not going to respond to your claims that you are wiser than me and your website is better than ALIPAC, but I will point out that your claims along those lines appear to broadcast some sense of jealousy and feelings of inadequacy on your part. I will also answer you false allegations about ALIPAC's web traffic.

Would the fact that Alexa and Compete web rankings show ALIPAC surpassing VDARE's readership, even though VDARE was founded 5 years before ALIPAC was, have anything to do with your highly destructive behavior?

Quancast, which is a far more accurate website traffic gauge than ALEXA, currently shows ALIPAC with over 140,000 monthly visitors and VDARE with less than 30,000! In fact, ALIPAC is now celebrating that we have passed the 200 million pages served mark and some of our web traffic that helped us reach that level has been growing on public display for almost six years now.

ALIPAC has been a leader in web traffic and operation in this movement for many years now. So much for your further false claims about our web traffic Peter, your ignorance or deceptiveness is naked before the truth.

There are many great researchers and writers who publish through VDARE and I am truly sorry that you have chosen to harm your reputation by launching unprovoked attacks on groups that are trying to fight illegal immigration, quoting fake anonymous sources, denying those you are attacking a chance to respond in your articles, printing false and unverified claims, and other egregious violations of ethical journalism.

Due to your display of personal animus and unprofessional conduct, VDARE materials and links are no longer welcome at and our 14 sister websites.

Furthermore, I intend to write to each of the authors that VDARE publishes online to make sure they are aware of your unprofessional conduct in this matter that could besmirch their individual works and to assure that each is provided with the facts that contradict your embarrassing rant published this morning.

ALIPAC's core philosophy is about the truth. We feel that the truth is the only thing that gives us power in our David and Goliath struggles with people like Bush, Obama, Graham Bloomberg, Murdoch, Soros, and others. It is clear from your recent attacks on ALIPAC that the same guiding principles are missing in your leadership of VDARE.

Yes, ALIPAC originally agreed to support and speak at rallies in Arizona in June in support of SB 1070. However, we were forced to drop our support when a lead organizer named Dan Smeriglio was fully documented associating with neo-Nazi skinheads on Facebook who he knew previously by name, appearance, and ideology due to these individual's prior disturbances at Smeriglio events. This combined with Smeriglio's prominent display of links to the Swedish neo-Nazi vocalist named SAGA and his subsequent refusal to adequately explain his actions or remove the neo-Nazi friends and music forced us into action. We even caught him lying about having permits twice as well as fake claims Ted Nugent and C-Span were all coming to his AZ rally.

ALIPAC tried to divert the events to a new date so that we could participate without violating our pledge to the public to never knowingly work with or support anyone working with neo-Nazi or racist groups. We do this not out of fear of the liars at the SPLC and ADL, but because we are serious about our mission to unify Americans of all races and walks of life in the effort to save America from illegal immigration and open borders. We greatly appreciate the participation of black and Hispanic leaders and activists and would never do anything intentionally to offend them.

I find it truly sad that you and Tom Tancredo apparently do not share ALIPAC's strict dedication to the truth and keeping radical groups from tarnishing the efforts of Americans that want nothing to do with neo-Nazi skinheads.

While VDARE and Tancredo have clearly made the decision to ignore the facts, sweep racist group infiltrations under the rug, and try to deceive people. ALIPAC's practices will be to detect and reject any such racist group contamination whenever possible.

So you can attack and blow smoke like Mark Potok of the SPLC all you want, Peter Brimelow. It will not change the truth and the facts which support our positions at ALIPAC. If you disagree with one of our strategic decisions, that's fine. But try not to use lies and statements of personal hubris, and tabloid journalism to support your weak positions.

If you and Tom Tancredo don't mind working with those that are fully documented intentionally associating with neo-Nazi's and known on a personal level, then that is your prerogative but don't lie and attack us because we refuse to follow your actions.

Don't try to lie your way forward in the fight against illegal immigration Peter, that's like trying to play tricks on the Devil himself. You, Tancredo, and the 'Washington Insider" can add all the lies you want to the flood of deception coming out of Washington, our path will be different and rooted in God's commandments and we will not bear false witness as you have.