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    Battle Plans to Stop Amnesty 2024!

    Battle Plans to Stop Amnesty 2024!

    The sellouts and traitors in Washington are going for broke and very serious about passing Amnesty in early 2024, and between the RINO Republicans and Democrats, they have enough votes to do it if GOP Speaker Mike Johnson caves to the immense pressure being put on him RIGHT NOW.

    Here are ALIPAC's immediate battle plans in the effort to beat the drums, rally America against Amnesty once again, and fight for Americans to have another chance to vote ourselves out of this invasion in 2024!

    1. We need immediate substantial support from Americans who don't want to receive the news that Amnesty has passed and the war to save America is over with US citizens defeated forevermore. Any form of Amnesty ='s Game Over America.

    Please take a few minutes to contribute $10, $25, $50 or $100 plus today otherwise we may have to announce a stoppage and Emergency Mode tomorrow instead of engaging our Stop Amnesty battle plans.


    2. On Monday Morning, we need to come out with a hard-hitting national press release describing the current levels of censorship thrown at us on Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Yes, even Twitter seems to still be sandbagging ALIPAC and blocking many of our anti-Amnesty ads, even though they don't violate Twitter policies. We need Twitter to allow free speech for Americans and equal treatment.

    Please like, retweet, and comment on our announcements...

    "The core problem with censorship of Americans here on Twitter and on Facebook & Google is that non-citizens have been given authority & dominion over US citizens on these platforms, and they clearly don't mind violating American civil rights on immigration issues!"

    "Our account at @ALIPAC is being throttled even though we don't violate Twitter policies, and this one probably is, too, just because they want to silence me wherever I go."

    "They prosper... You Suffer!"

    3. Tuesday morning, when Congress returns to their DC offices, we need to focus all activists and resources on backing GOP Speaker Mike Johnson if he agrees to stop Amnesty 2024 from reaching Biden's desk! The illegal alien invasion supporters are all focused on Johnson at this moment.

    We need to raise quite a bit of funds TODAY to be able to engage on these Stop Amnesty 2024 battle plans.

    If you are with us, please send your support now via...


    William Gheen and The Team

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