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Thread: Beware the White Flags and Illegal Alien Amnesty Subterfuge

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    Beware the White Flags and Illegal Alien Amnesty Subterfuge

    Beware the White Flags and Illegal Alien Amnesty Subterfuge

    November 11, 2013

    by William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

    With Congress poised to return on November 12 to finish their final 15 work days of 2013, many American loyalists are heartened by the white flags being raised by illegal alien amnesty supporters indicating that "immigration reform" amnesty will not take place in 2013.

    Before anyone gets excited or more relaxed due to this seemingly good news coming out of Washington, please heed our warnings and strategic advice and share this alert with as many like-minded Americans as possible!

    Now is not the time for us to relax, let down our guard, and start slapping each other on the back in congratulations. Now is the time for us to focus, intensify, and advance on the white flags of our illegal alien invasion and amnesty supporting opponents.

    Our mission today is to warn all American patriots that these white flags on immigration could be subterfuge preceding a legislative sneak attack in the final days of 2013. Obama has clearly signaled his illegal alien supporters that amnesty is still on the menu in 2013.

    Please do not place any trust in the highly biased media coverage of the political theater being conducted by the amnesty supporters. Their retreat of 2013 may be legitimate in which case we need to advance immediately on their positions to turn their attempt to conduct a structured retreat into a rout!

    At the same time, we need to prepare for the possibility that the white flags we see are subterfuge designed to put American defenders at ease in order to pass amnesty rapidly without as much public backlash, or to try to diffuse the growing backlash the GOP will face in the 2014 primaries.

    Illegal immigration promoting titans John McCain and Lindsey Graham have recently indicated that the the thing they fear most right now are the GOP primaries against their fellow RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) in the US House. McCain has promised to go for amnesty again after the primaries, while Lindsey Graham thinks they can get amnesty through after filing closes. Of course, Graham's theory only works if American patriots, the Tea Party groups, and illegal immigration fighting groups fail to mount enough primary challengers against our list of GOP sellouts and traitors found at ALIPAC (Click Here).

    One of the big problems we have right now is that many truly conservative activists and illegal immigration opponents are focused on the issues of the debt ceiling and Obamacare instead of fighting amnesty. The elites want you focused on battles you have already lost in 2013 and not the final battle that will end your influence in American politics forevermore.

    We need every activist, organization, and leader to assert themselves to demand that talk radio show hosts, reporters, and local candidates and politicians all focus on the issues of opposing immigration reform amnesty and illegal immigration immediately!

    The more you put up with the pundits rubbing your lost battles over debt and healthcare in your face each day instead of demanding they focus amnesty legislation the more likely you are to lose this final battle over immigration issues!

    Each person reading this warning has the ability to focus yourself, your time, your energy, and contributions on fighting immigration reform Amnesty and you have the ability to influence others as well.

    Help us make sure everyone knows that the white flags from our opponents are not a sign we should rest or slumber, they are signs we need to focus our forces and advance against amnesty immediately!

    In 2013 Americans were terribly defeated when the Senate passed amnesty. Now the House version of the Senate bill has over 190 sponsors including at least 3 Republicans! They only need about 20 more votes to pass amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens to Obama's desk.

    This will both stimulate the next waves of tens of millions of illegal aliens entering America from the ranks of billions of 3rd world poverty dwellers, while at the same time creating a future bloc of more than 20 million illegal aliens that plans to vote as Democrats 8 to 1 according to Pew Research! This illegal alien voting bloc will assure there will be no defenses for American workers, taxpayers, and borders in the future.

    Illegal alien amnesty disguised as "immigration reform" is the coup de grace to America. Sure, they will keep the name America for awhile, but those of us loyal to the traditions, heritage, and principles that made America great will be buried beneath an unending wave of humanity that does not share our beliefs and that is coming to take every thing of value they can take from us. They will come in such great numbers until America becomes the same kind of hell hole many illegal aliens are already fleeing.

    These indications of retreat by amnesty supporters, that are either real or a strategic ruse, are coming just as several crushing polls emerge that, if properly used by American activists, could turn the billion dollar push for amnesty into a disaster for the invasion facilitators and perpetrators and victory for American defenders.

    This week, ALIPAC will use our social media and email alerts that people are joining via and to use these new polls to hit the amnesty supporting faction with polls that can be amnesty kryptonite if activists flood enough DC, District, and campaign offices with these polls.

    Now stored at ALIPAC's Polls and Surveys section (CLICK HERE), we know that 60% of Americans oppose Obama and the GOP leadership's immigration reform amnesty, while only 32% support it! These numbers are almost identical to the findings in 2006 and 2007 that also show Americans oppose legalizing illegal aliens 2 to 1! We also have a new poll that shows that swing voters, which make up 51% of all American voters, oppose the current Obama and GOP fusion immigration reform plans 54% vs 32%, with those strongly opposed to amnesty making up 38% while those strongly in favor only comprise 12%! This is a 3 to 1 margin for our side and we plan to use these scientific and certified polls to help you put amnesty supporters on the run!

    If we acknowledge that the recent claims that illegal alien amnesty supporters are falling back into a 2014 backup plan are either legitimate retreat or subterfuge messages that are part of a plan for a legislative sneak attack in the final days of 2013, it is clear that American activists need to increase our activism and make a major move against amnesty during these final legislative days of 2013!

    So please help us by circulating this warning, taking the white flags of our opponents falling back as a sign to intensify and advance on their positions, join our email alert networks if you are not already on board, join our effort to take citizen lobbyists to DC Nov 18-20 (Click here for details), and help us pursue the illegal alien amnesty supporting Republicans all the way to their defeat in the GOP primaries of 2014!

    You have a very narrow window of opportunity here, Americans, where you can defeat immigration reform amnesty for illegal aliens for more than 3 years if you move now to hold them back into 2014, round up strong GOP primary challengers whom you support with your volunteerism and funds against the traitors, and advance into the elections starting next January which can become the Great RINO Hunt of 2014!

    Let's all pull together and fight harder with more focus and resolve to put illegal aliens and their invasion supporters on the run!
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    Excellent article. Patriots, remember the open borders lobby has a long history of lies, manipulation, political distortion of the language every dirty trick imaginable. Remember Marco Rubio who is still pretending to be for strict immigration controls and that he is a real conservative. Nothing the pro amnesty hacks say can be accepted as the truth.



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    Don't take nothing for granted, nuff said and yes one of W's better articles..........
    “In questions of power…let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” –Thomas Jefferson

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