Friends of ALIPAC:

We are pleased to announce that 51 organizations have now joined the National Flier Campaign. This weekend, we encourage all supporters to "Blanket the Nation". Make sure you get some fliers up near your local media. The English media often sits idle twiddling their thumbs while the Spanish media is organizing and motivating their supporters into action. We must be the force that organizes our support base. Also, please notice our first flier on the ALIPAC Action Panel Activism section. It would be very nice if some of you could get those out too. ALIPAC's President, William Gheen, has made a personal commitment to put up 100 fliers this weekend. Next week, we will move our focus on to other important campaigns but the National Flier Campaign will continue through the year. We have been told that Staples will make copies for only three cents per copy. Calls are coming in from around the nation as people see the fliers. Our activists are finding many creative ways to deploy them.

Updated List of Supporting Groups

ALIPAC Flier Access ... age&pid=24

Tips and Suggestions for flier distribution


Now the news from around the nation is encouraging and the Department of Homeland Security is doing a lot to make it look like new enforcement measures are being deployed. In the words of Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) "A spoon full of enforcement makes the amnesty go down."

Our organizations need to capitalize on this move by DHS by increasing the call for enforcement while pointing out to the nation via calls to talk radio and letters to the editor that a Guest Worker AMNESTY will neutralize all promised enforcement measures.

The battle is heating up in the US Senate. If you have not made your opinions clear to your US Senators by telling them politely that they will need a new job if they vote for any bill containing a Guest Worker or Temporary Worker provision, then please get on the phones today. We have more planned for next week on this topic.


Congressman Tom Tancredo is now scheduling the second leg of his Secure America Tour and will be speaking in Charlotte, NC on Monday Jan. 30th at 7 pm. Americans for Legal Immigration and NC Listen are Co-Sponsoring the event. We will provide you with the exact details when they come in along with his schedule to appear in other states. A Tancredo visit is a good way for you to stir up opposition to the amnesty in your state.


Reminder letters and calls to those of you that have made pledges of financial support will start next week. This takes a great deal of time, energy, and money from us. If you have made a pledge, please send in your contribution today to Americans for Legal Immigration or ALIPAC at PO Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622 or use our online contribution feature at the link below. ... page&pid=9


We need everyone calling against Guest Worker, distributing fliers, sending in your pledges, and getting ready for a busy week next week.

Thank you for all of your support and hard work.

For those that have not taken steps to dedicate time and funds, we need your help soon.

Thank you for being on our alerts list and encouraging others to join our struggle.