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    Border & Home Invaders Using Cel & Camera Jammers

    Border & Home Invaders Using Cel & Camera Jammers

    Foreign Gangs Hit Hundreds of Homes in Multiple states With High-Tech Tools

    Share this warning/release by email and on (ALIPAC HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE)

    For National Release : December 14, 2023

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (
    is issuing a national warning that the illegal immigration invasion of America has escalated to the point illegal alien and tourist visa criminals are now invading homes at night in "robbing crew" teams that are well-trained and using high tech jammers to disable wireless cameras, automated and panic switch alarm systems, and cell phones from contacting authorities.

    Most articles reporting this immigration crime trend (Review Articles Here) only mention jammers disrupting wireless cameras and do not warn readers that the jammers also prevent wireless cell-based alarm systems and phones from reporting intrusions and fires.

    Authorities report hundreds of affluent homes being hit with sizeable black-clad criminal immigrant teams sneaking in through back windows and doors, often between 5-9 pm.

    View Video of Migrants with Jammers Breaking In

    These kinds of high-tech home invasion tools are also being used by murder squad gangs in South Africa that are targeting and murdering whole families of white farmers.

    "We have no nation without borders. There can be no national, community, or personal security with open borders and unenforced laws. Nobody is safe in America today! Deadly criminals and enemies are within our gates, and the wolves are coming through the doors and windows in packs at night with high-tech jammers. We have been betrayed on the highest levels. These home invasions are one of many dire consequences of Executive Branch agencies now weaponized against US citizens." said William Gheen, spokesman for

    ALIPAC activists have compiled a list of articles detailing this new disturbing crime trend promoted by federal failures, policies, and politics at...

    Concerned citizens are encouraged to contact their local media elected representatives and share these articles and releases on platforms like Rumble and Twitter, where free speech is still allowed for the time being.

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