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Arizona Governor Considering State of Emergency following New Mexico declaration
PHOENIX Governor Napolitano is considering taking steps similar to a state of emergency declared by New Mexico's governor because of problems associated with the U-S-Mexico border...

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Sue Myrick to announce new bill to address illegal immigration today. Open Meeting Tues Night.
N.C. bill looks to better track immigrants Act named for drunken driving victim aimed at law bureaus
To help fix an immigration system she thinks is broken, U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick plans to introduce the The Scott Gardner Act when Congress returns in September...

Republicans are Ditching Their Base over immigration?!?!
Democrats and Republicans both have a 'political base' that make up their parties. Howard Dean has been spending all his time as the DNC Chairman playing to the Democratic base...

NC Latino Organizations Rally to push for amnesty and benefits for illegals!
Hundreds of Latinos and their advocates gathered Sunday in Raleigh to show support for immigration reform, better housing for farmworkers and other changes aimed at strengthening North Carolina's growing Spanish-speaking population...

NM Governor Bill Richardson asks for meeting with Minutemen!
The politics of immigration are changing. On Friday Bill Richardson, the nation's only Hispanic governor, declared a "state of emergency" in four New Mexico border counties due to "a chaotic situation involving illegal alien smuggling and illegal drug shipments." His office has pledged $1.5 million for stepped-up law enforcement and also asked Chris Simcox, the president of the volunteer border patrol group Minutemen, for a meeting. Mr. Richardson, a man who wears his ambition for national office on his sleeve, has apparently decided he has to reposition himself on border issues.

Latinos Against Illegal Immigration!
Although at times reviled for their stand, some are working with other groups to stem the flow of illegal immigrants. Lupe Moreno knows the immigrant struggle. She has lived all her life in Santa Ana, a gateway community for Mexican immigrants. Her father helped smuggle them into the country; her former husband sneaked in illegally...

Canadians beefing up border to stop drugs, terrorists, and illegal aliens!
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constables Jeep Johnstone and Ivan Sabo are patrolling the waters that separate British Columbia, Canada and the United States. They are part of Canada's first line of defense in protecting the homeland against would be terrorists and preventing cross border crimes...

ICE: U.S. may house detainees in Pinal County jail! Expand deportation capacity!
County could reap millions from federal contract
Pinal County Sheriff Chris Vásquez toured two California jails this week to better understand the challenges his office will face if it contracts with the federal government to detain undocumented immigrants...

The Phone Booth Revolution. Free Traders/Traitors have lost America.
Two years ago, our tireless troubadour of globalism, the Wall Street Journal, was beside itself with giddiness and excitement...

Drugs, Crimes, and Gangs immigrating to America! Colombianized Free Trade.
From Freedom to Stability, More than a Leap of Faith for Central America
At age 13, Erlan Colindres has been in and out of jail more often than most kids his age have been to summer camp. The alleged leader of the Honduran gang Los Puchos and member of the internationally feared Mara 18 has been linked to 17 murders and detained six times in the last three years. Five times he has escaped, not once has he been tried...

CA: Carlsbad illegal immigration rally a great success! Speeches & Photos
CARLSBAD – Police from several jurisdictions, most wearing riot gear, formed a barrier to keep the peace between those attending a forum on illegal immigration and protesters who ranged from Latino activists to Muslim students.

Mexican Government Criticizes NM Governor for declaring state of emergency!
MEXICO CITY – The Mexican government criticized New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's decision Friday to declare states of emergency in four border counties due to crime and migration, a move that free up funds to fence an area near the border. Mexico said the declarations "don't jibe with the spirit of cooperation and understanding" and ordered its consul in Albuquerque to meet with New Mexico officials "to promote appropriate actions by the officials of both countries."

New Mexico Governor declares state of emergency due to anarchy!
Governor says area 'devastated' by human and drug smuggling
CNN) -- New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson declared a state of emergency Friday in four counties along the Mexican border that he said have been "devastated" by crimes such as the smuggling of drugs and illegal immigrants...

Racial tensions flare in CA: black and latino Gangs targeting by race.
RIVERSIDE - As city officials, police and more than 100 community members gathered at an Eastside restaurant Monday night to discuss the recent spate of gang violence, someone was in the parking lot slashing tires...

Minuteman co-founder to run for Congress?
Immigration activist Jim Gilchrist looks at open California seat
Jim Gilchrist, co-founder of the Minuteman Project civilian border patrol organization, is seriously considering a run for Congress, promising to make stemming the tide of illegal immigration his No. 1 priority...

As drug war rages in Mexico, newspapers quit investigating: Journalists in fear!
NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico - (KRT) - A drug war is ripping apart northern Mexico, but you won't find many details about who's behind it in the local newspapers. Journalists - after their colleagues have been killed, kidnapped and threatened with death - have stopped investigating organized crime.

N.C. grappling with issue of illegals! ALIPAC in the news!
WASHINGTON -- Opposing sides in the debate over which direction U.S. immigration policy should take often seem to speak different languages...

Action Needed: NC State budget allows in-state tuition for illegals loophole!
Raleigh – General Assembly Democrats unveiled their final state budget plan this week minus a key provision to save North Carolina future millions....

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