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    Buckle Up: Schumer Vows Vote to End Filibuster Rule

    Happy New Year ALIPACers!

    Our top national villain Chuck Schumer (D-NY), is back at it again and vows to have a vote to end the filibuster rule so he can pass the BBB and Amnesty for illegals by early February!

    Will Joe Manchin (D-WV) continue to stand against the rule change?

    Schumer vows to do more underhanded things, and at we vow to do everything we can reasonably think of to stop him.

    We have two strategies we will need your support to deploy.

    One, we are going to make a national effort to put the enormous trove of evidence we have collected proving illegal aliens and other non-citizens are illegally voting in US elections into the hands of every candidate we can.

    Two, we will seek as many pro-America anti-Amnesty candidates as possible to endorse and support in the 2022 elections, which we hope to make into a historical change.

    By doing what we can to put the focus on illegal immigration, Amnesty, non-citizen voters, and the 2022 elections, we can apply maximum pressure on corrupt incumbent DC politicians to back away from some of their evil plans.

    Please give us a reply or some support at...

    to let us know you are in the fight for 2022!

    William Gheen and The volunteers
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