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    Call Congress & Oppose Facebook, Google, & Twitter censorship & abuse of Americans

    Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg is testifying before the U.S. Senate today about privacy breaches. Today is the day we need American patriots who have either read about or personally experienced the abuses Facebook, Twitter, and Google aim at all American non-socialists to call Congress and demand action!

    These mega global corporations have a globalist and socialist political ideology and a desire to run the whole world including America. Their armies of socialist employees exercise extreme intolerance of conservatives, Christians, Republicans, and anyone opposed to illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals.

    All three companies support open borders and Amnesty for illegal aliens, and are using the unprecedented power of their companies to influence U.S. issues, elections, laws, and policies in favor of foreign labor and illegal aliens.

    ALIPAC has been targeted and penalized by each of these corporations in numerous ways on numerous occasions simply because we support America's existing immigration laws and we oppose Amnesty!

    Anyone running a campaign, a PAC, non-profit, or small business must use these corporations just like we must use the phone and power utilities. The political bias in Silicon Valley would be like the power company telling a church or Republican campaign for office they can't have power, or as much power as a competitor, because of their creed!

    Call Congress today (House and Senate) (202) 224-3121 to say--

    "I want Congress to break up the Silicon Valley monopolies of Facebook, Google, and Twitter just like the phone companies in the 1970s, and put in place oversight and regulations to assure that American civil rights are protected from the socialist owners and employees of these corrupt power mad companies."


    Video: Ted Cruz Scorches Mark Zuckerberg on Conservative Censorship

    Facebook accused of abusing user data and suppressing political content

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    If you support ALIPAC's efforts to fight illegal immigration despite the abuse, censorship, shadow banning, interference, and defamation we face from Google, Twitter, and Facebook, please DONATE TO HELP FUND OUR OPERATIONS AT--

    PLEASE DONATE AT LEAST $10 to show your support and more if possible.


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