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    Calling on my fellow NC conservatives & illegal immigration fighters

    All NC illegal immigration & Amnesty fighters we need your immediate help!

    Our national supporters for ALIPAC from many other states have been very gracious with their support for our plans to try a new kind of fundraising and voter outreach to try to stop illegal alien amnesty backers from going to DC to represent us!

    Now, we need more North Carolina residents to step forward to fund the remaining $700 we must raise by 5pm today (Friday) to fund our first trial batch of letters. If you will help us quickly raise this $700 from NC folks, then we can continue our plan to launch similar letters against Hillary Clinton and her GOP allies on amnesty like John McCain in AZ and Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin!

    Please review the information we are mailing (see below) and if you approve please help us pay for this trial mailer by visiting our secure online donations page at...

    Should we fail to raise the funds needed today to pay for this mailer, ALIPAC will be forced to stand down on the rest of our Phase 2 plans due to apathy. Don't let that happen! Please donate today!

    If you are willing to volunteer to help us reach GOP voters in these districts to warn them about the illegal alien amnesty support that Rep. Harry Warren, DC Lobbyist Taylor Griffin, and Congresswoman Renee Ellmers will provide in DC if they win seats in Congress on June 7, please email

    Letters and Flyer On the Way to NC Conservatives

    Fellow NC Conservative,

    I've spent the last 12 years of my life building a hard hitting national organization that is responsible for stopping legislative amnesty for illegals in Washington as well as stopping bills in my home state of North Carolina that would have forced you to pay for licenses and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants!

    Now I am calling on you to help us to stop 3 corrupt politicians who support the costly and deadly illegal immigration invasion of our state. We need your help as a volunteer and donor to warn enough Republicans in time to stop state Rep. Harry Warren, DC Lobbyist Taylor Griffin, and Congresswoman Renee Ellmers from winning the GOP nominations in this year's special Congressional primary on June 7!

    Harry Warren is a state representative running for Congress in the crowded GOP primary in NC's newly redrawn 13th district. We fought hard to stop Harry Warren's HB 328 in the General Assembly last year because Warren's bill would force our state to issue driving licenses to illegal aliens! We know that well over 80% of North Carolina's legal citizens oppose licenses for illegals but most voters don't know about Harry Warren's backing for illegal immigrants to come here to drive!

    Congresswoman Renee Ellmers has supported amnesty for illegal aliens while in DC and she can be defeated for doing so on June 7 if enough voters learn the truth! While Ellmers removed this language from her website, we have the documentation on file at showing her comments that read, "We need to address the millions of people who are already in this country (illegally) and formulate a process for them to earn legal work status." While liberal billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has run false ads in NC claiming Renee Ellmers opposes amnesty, The Hill and Breitbart News report that she was one of only a few Republicans who voted to protect and sustain funding for Obama's unconstitutional AMNESTY ORDERS on two occasions!

    DC Lobbyist Taylor Griffin has moved back into Eastern NC to run against our honorable Congressman Walter Jones Jr., who is consistently ranked as one of the most conservative members of Congress. An analysis of Griffin's campaign finance reports found at shows almost 90% of his campaign is being financed from outside of NC and includes pro illegal alien amnesty billionaires like Paul Singer! Walter Jones has stood up for us against Obama's amnesty orders for illegals and now DC insiders are trying to take him out with Griffin!

    Please use this information to warn every Republican voter you can before these congressional seats are decided in the special primary of June 7, 2016!

    We also hope you will consider joining our ALIPAC volunteers, who are racing to call voters to warn them about amnesty backers Griffin, Warren, and Ellmers, by emailing me with the subject line "volunteer" at

    We also need your help to raise funds for calling lists and letters like this one I'd like to mail to GOP voters like us in these targeted districts. We can contact and warn about 25 GOP voters for each $10 we raise so please consider using the enclosed envelope or our secure donations page at to contribute $10, $20, $40, $60, $100 or more.

    Please respond quickly to ALIPAC's call for aid to stop 3 illegal alien amnesty supporters
    on June 7 from going to Washington, DC, to represent our state!

    William Gheen


    Help ALIPAC Warn GOP Voters About
    Amnesty backers
    Renee Ellmers,
    DC Lobbyist Taylor Griffin,
    illegal alien license bill sponsor Harry Warren!

    DC Lobbyist Taylor Griffin is running in NC's 3rd district to try to unseat Congressman Walter Jones Jr. Walter Jones has an A+ rating from NumbersUSA and is endorsed by ALIPAC because he has fought against the DC establishment's attempts to pass amnesty for illegal aliens. Now Taylor Griffin is close to winning a seat for Congress by a narrow margin on June 7 due to the enormous amount of money Griffin is receiving from pro amnesty DC establishment billionaires and lobbyists! Please help ALIPAC stop illegal alien amnesty backer Taylor Griffin from representing us in Washington!

    Congresswoman Renee Ellmers is hiding previous statements she made that "we need to address the millions of (illegal immigrants) who are already in this country and formulate a process for them to earn legal work status." On January 14, 2015, reported that the US House voted 236-191 on an amendment to block funding for President Obama’s immigration orders which are amnesty decrees that are unconstitutional, illegal, and being challenged by 26 states in court! Renee Ellmers was one of only 10 Republicans to vote with Obama's Democrats against the amendment to defund Obama's amnesty! Then again on Jan 20, 2015, Breitbart news reported that Renee Ellmers was the first of 26 GOP lawmakers to vote against the Blackburn Amendment to defund Obama’s executive amnesty! It appears that Politico’s communist writer Seung Min Kim was so excited that she tweeted, “Ellmers is [the] first GOP no vote.” Facebook's very liberal owner Mark Zuckerberg spent $150,000 to reelect Ellmers in 2014 to reward her for her support for amnesty for illegals.

    State Rep. Harry Warren is the primary sponsor of HB 328 which ALIPAC helped stop in 2014. Harry Warren was celebrated on the front cover of several Hispanic language newspapers like Que Pasa because his HB 328 would have ordered NC DMV offices to begin issuing driver licenses to illegal immigrants for them to use to drive to jobs it is illegal for them to have! Warren said that the more than 80% of NC citizens who oppose licenses for illegals are somehow hateful and racist. If Warren wins the GOP primary on June 7, the message will be that politicians can support illegal aliens and be rewarded with a seat in Congress!

    Help ALIPAC warn more GOP voters before it is too late by sending the enclosed envelope with your donation to...

    PO Box 30966
    Raleigh, NC 2762

    or by contributing on our secure donations page at...

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