Supporters of ALIPAC:

Our candidate endorsement list will be updated each day between now and election day. Please check the list often. ALIPAC supporters are encouraged to send contributions to endorsed candidates. You are also encouraged to contact the campaigns and volunteer to help. Please make it clear to the campaigns with your contributions and offer to volunteer that you are willing to do so because the candidate opposes any Guest Worker or Temporary worker program for illegals currently in the US and that illegal aliens need to leave.

Recent updates have been added for races in Georgia, Oregon, and North Carolina.

We regret to inform everyone that the US Senate race in Ohio is a wash and is the first recipient of our GOAT endorsement. ALIPAC supporters in Ohio are encouraged to write in "A. Goat" because a goat would do a better job fighting illegal immigration than any of these three candidates. All three candidates feel illegal aliens should be able to stay in the US. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR Sherrod Brown, Mike DeWine, or Richard Duncan.

If you live in a district or state where a candidate that is on our black lists is running, please e-mail them and call their campaign offices to announce you will not vote for them because of their actions.

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