The Los Angeles based hate group, La Voz de Aztlan, has done it again! Many of you remember them as the group that announced the MS-13 threat to the Minuteman Project protestors. Later, this same group threatened retaliation against American citizens in several major US citizens.

We just picked up this latest piece where Aztlan claims that terrorist snipers are entering the US and that they will or should target Congressman Tom Tancredo and several members of the media especially radio personalities.

La Voz de Aztlan is not making or carrying these threats from another country. There are right here in the USA based in Los Angeles.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is calling on the media and the government to expose and address these continuous terrorist statements coming from inside of the United States from a group that supports a separate nation in the SW US.

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Aztlan Separatist Hate Group in LA Threatens Tancredo plus Radio and TV Hosts!
"Highly trained Islamic snipers on their way to the USA"