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    Court Ruling Likely to Slap Down Obama's unlawful amnesty decree

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We have great news to report!

    Before reviewing the information in the article below, please consider donating to our efforts to help us meet the increased demand for ALIPAC operations against Amnesty 2013!

    Donate online or by mail as you prefer at...

    We have been waiting for this important court case to proceed where our Border Patrol agents have been suing Obama for refusing to deport most illegal immigrants.

    While the judge has not made his official ruling, you can see in the articles below that he is likely to rule our way!

    If so, this will strike a strong blow against Obama's and Rubio's amnesty bill and help us return to the reversal in illegal immigration we had achieved before Obama's illegal decrees which ALIPAC has strongly opposed since day one.

    Please read and share...

    Gutsy Federal Judge Whacks Obama - ALIPAC Featured

    Judge to Janet Napolitano: You have to deport illegal immigrants

    Obama Deportation Progam Likely to Be Blocked, Judge Says

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: ALIPAC needs to go after this story hard first of next week as part of our efforts to stop amnesty 2013! Please consider a donation of any amount to our efforts via...
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    Amen-let it be so!!

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