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Thread: DACA Deportation: Obama loses Supreme Court Ruling on Executive Amnesty

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    DACA Deportation: Obama loses Supreme Court Ruling on Executive Amnesty

    Obama loses Supreme Court Ruling on Executive Amnesty

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    June 23, 2016

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) | (866) 703-0864 |

    The US Supreme Court has ruled in a tie vote, which would have been 5-4 if Justice Scalia had not died, that Barack Obama exceeded his Constitutional authority by giving executive amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

    This ruling allows the lower court ruling to stand, upholding the ruling that blocks the Obama administration from giving temporary work permits to 4 million illegal immigrants which would delay their deportation.

    "While this ruling is a victory for Americans fighting to stop illegal immigration and amnesty, we do not expect Obama and his administration to stop their lawless, unconstitutional actions," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "Obama's DACA and DAPA amnesties are dictatorial and break the line of influence between America's citizens and our nation's policies, direction, and laws. Helping illegal immigrants get jobs and encouraging them to enter and remain in the US unlawfully are both felonies; therefore Obama and any federal employee engaging in these activities can and should be prosecuted as any common citizen should be for the Rule of Law to prevail in America. This court decision will remind voters that a Hillary Clinton presidency will continue these abuses of power and aid to illegals, whereas Donald Trump's promise of full deportation for illegals could remedy this situation to the benefit of American workers and taxpayers."

    Hillary Clinton recently said she "loves" the idea of appointing Barack Obama to the US Supreme Court whereas Donald Trump has provided a list of Constitutional Conservative judges he would appoint to the Supreme Court who are most likely to vote like the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has been fighting against Obama's executive amnesty orders since they were first implemented. ALIPAC was the first national organization to call for Obama to be impeached for these actions.

    ALIPAC activists lobbied their state governors to join this Texas court case now backed by 26 states!

    ALIPAC has now added calls for Obama's future prosecution for these crimes to the organization's goals.

    ALIPAC President William Gheen feels vindicated by today's Supreme Court ruling after coming under fire 4 years ago for referring to Obama as a dictator.

    Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions recently called Obama a dictator as well for forcing Muslim refugees into small towns in Alabama.

    For more information about Obama's numerous violations of US laws and the Constitution, or to schedule interviews, please visit

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    Cut off ALL freebies to non-citizens, no non-citizens can collect benefits on behalf of a legal US citizen, minor or not.

    Rule that ALL driver's licenses issued to illegal immigrants are deemed "null and void".

    Cut off ALL funding to sanctuary cities.

    No anchor baby! Issue non-citizens a "Certificate of Child Born Abroad". No US Birth taxpayer benefits.

    No public taxpayer funded schools to non-citizens.

    DO NOT REWARD...DEPORT. Stop rewarding criminals and enforce our laws.

    No rights!

    "Operation Return to Sender"
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