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    Democrats, Ballot Initiatives, and Rising Endorsement Visibi

    Democrats, Ballot Initiatives, and Rising Endorsement Visibility

    Supporters of ALIPAC:

    One day to go!

    To Our Democrat Supporters

    -- We have received several complaints from ALIPAC's supporters that are registered as Democrats. The complaint is that only FIVE of our 115+ Endorsements are Democrat candidates. We want our Democrat supporters to know that we have made every effort possible to locate Democrats that have strong stances on the illegal immigration issue. We wish that we were able to locate more than FIVE that have stances that are in line with both the ALIPAC platform and the 80+% of Americans that support the platform we have established. The fact of the matter is that many more Republican candidates support enforcement than Democrats.

    Also, our endorsement process has been open to supporter feedback for several weeks. We have not received any recommendations from those that are currently complaining prior to the last few days. We want the approximately 12.82% of our supporters that identify themselves as Democrats to know that we are doing the best we can to be fair and accurate with our endorsements. We want to represent all of the Americans that share our concerns and goals.

    The vast majority of Democrat candidates we have screened want amnesty or a "path to citizenship' for illegal aliens along with other benefits. We hope our Democrat supporters will continue to support us realizing that we have made our endorsements with maximum concern for the broad base of support we receive.

    Party Registration of ALIPAC Supporters ... =1&thold=0


    Two states have important ballot initiatives in play during tomorrow's elections. Arizona and Colorado voters will be asked to vote on these measures.

    We feel that most of our supporters would want to support these measures.


    Arizona voters will decide on four illegal alien propositions. Proposition 300 would end taxpayer subsidies for education and child-care services for undocumented immigrants. Students who are not U.S. citizens would have to pay out-of-state fees to attend public colleges. Proposition 100 would deny bail to undocumented immigrants charged with serious felonies. Proposition 102 would block undocumented immigrants from being awarded punitive damages in lawsuits; and Proposition 103 would make English the official language of Arizona.

    Arizona Proposition 100 Deny bail to illegal aliens charged with serious crimes ... rop100.htm

    Arizona Proposition 102 Prohibit illegals from filing civil suit. ... rop102.htm

    Arizona Proposition 103 English as the Official Language ... page&pid=9

    Arizona Proposition 300 No taxpayer monies for illegal aliens ... rop300.htm


    Colorado voters will decide on Referendum K which would authorize the Colorado State Attorney General to file a lawsuit against the U.S Attorney General to demand the enforcement of all immigration laws by the federal government.

    You can review the full text of Referendum K at this link. ... ok2006.pdf




    Our online activists are hard at work today. The e-mail forwards are in motion and people are posting links into this information across the web. We applaud all of you that are helping.

    Please make all last minute attempts you can to get people in the door to view these two items.

    At the time of this e-mail, our national endorsement list has been read over 13,887 times! Our goal is to get this up over 20,000 before the voting starts Tuesday morning.

    Please take action to distribute. Feel free to email us or post your questions if you want to assist.

    Questions can be posted and reviewed at... ... ic&t=45773

    Items to Distribute

    ALIPAC's 2006 Federal Candidate Endorsements ... age&pid=30

    Know Thy Ballot -- What voters should do BEFORE Election Day ... =1&thold=0



    It is not to late to work polls for candidates on election day. All ALIPAC Supporters that are not deployed are asked to call the campaigns close to them ON OUR ENDORSEMENTS LIST and volunteer right away.



    While any contributions made at this point will not arrive in time to help our candidates, ALIPAC has launched an expensive online advertising campaign to help reach voters with our endorsements. This promotion is expected to run through Tuesday evening and cost over $500. If you would like to help us pay for this outreach effort, please visit our SECURE online contribution page soon at ... page&pid=9
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    I have found that many democrats don't even have immigration as an issue on their website. Does this say something? I may not like bush or his administration, but I won't cut off my nose to spite my face.

    Most all democrats are for one way or another. IF WE ALLOW THIS AMNESTY...AGAIN...

    bUSH has betrayed his own party...but it is the republican party that has held amnesty off this far...If 80% of Americans don't want amnesty/guestworker and the democrats know it...and voted for that absurd senate bill....DO THEY REALLY CARE WHAT YOU WANT? If they feel this way on this issue can you trust them on the other issues?

    Both sides have been pathetic, but we need to remember those who have been helping our fight! It hasn't been the democrats! It has been "enough" loyal republicans to hold back the traitors!
    Please help save America for our children and grandchildren... they are counting on us. THEY DESERVE the goodness of AMERICA not to be given to those who are stealing our children's future! ... and a congress who works for THEM!
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    Why Just 5 Democrats?

    Even though I am not a Democrat, I consider myself an independent, I to have noticed the hugh favorability toward Republicans in ALIPAC’s “National list of endorcements”. Mr Gheen states that they have made every effort possible to locate Democrats that have strong stances on the illegal immigration issue and that only 5 have met their requirements.
    I wish to disagree with Mr. Gheens remarks that they could only find 5 Democrats. I personally forwarded an email I received from my Congressman from Tennessee district 4, Democrat Lincoln Davis, regarding his stance on illegal immigration. Before I could post my reply my content box was mysteriously erased. Maybe it was a freak accident, but this time I will write and save the content to Microsoft Word and save it. Then repost it. If it disappears again I will know that ALIPAC can monitor my message and delete it at will. If so my letter will go to many other places. The email I received and forwarded to Mr. Gheen follows.
    To: William Gheen
    Fw: Reply from Congressman Lincoln Davis
    This is a response from Congressman Lincoln Davis concerning the request for
    him to sign the Federal Canidates support form . He has more than once
    informed me how he feels about illegal immigration. Currently you have a
    republican ( Ken Martin)on your supportive list for Tennessee's 4th
    District. Where Ken Martin is an unknown candidate, Lincoln Davis has shown
    by his actions that he is strongly against illegal aliens. I believe he
    should be given some support for that. Thanks for your time.
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Congressman Lincoln Davis" <>
    To: <>
    Sent: Friday, October 27, 2006 1:02 PM
    Subject: Reply from Congressman Lincoln Davis, October 27, 2006

    Mr. Edward W. Cooper
    161 Charleston Road
    Cookeville, Tennessee 38506

    Dear Mr. Cooper:

    I appreciate your recent correspondence on the topic of
    immigration. Pursuant to your request, I would like to take a moment to
    share my voting record and general views on the issue.

    Let me begin with sharing what I do not support. I do not support,
    in any shape or size:
    * I do not support amnesty or anything resembling amnesty
    * I do not support illegal aliens receiving Social Security
    * I do not support the outsourcing of jobs to Mexico or other
    nations for cheap labor. Accordingly, I voted against the
    Central American Free Trade Agreement
    * I do not support accepting identification cards issued by
    foreign governments (commonly referred to as "Consular ID"
    cards) as a valid ID in the United States

    Similarly, I would like to share of few of the bills that I have co-
    sponsored or supported that seek to address the immigration crisis. Indeed,
    I believe our nation is facing a crisis and I strongly believe that the vast
    majority of Tennesseans and Americans would agree. As I have been
    saying for years now, the burgeoning influx of illegal immigrants into the
    United States, particularly Tennessee, is a problem that I wish
    Congress and the Administration would take more seriously. While there
    are a few voices championing responsible immigration reform, there are
    too many others interested in making political pundits out of the issue and
    still yet, others who endorse guestworker programs in the name of labor
    shortages because Americans "aren't willing to do the job(s) themselves",
    an argument I strongly disagree with.
    With that in mind, I would like to share with you some of the bills
    I have co-sponsored and supported as well as a few of the official votes I
    have taken on immigration-related issues:
    * I voted in favor of HR 4437, the Border Protection,
    Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of
    2005- Recently passed into law. In short, HR 4437:
    o increases port of entry inspection personnel and canine
    detection teams
    o requires reports on Central American gang travel across
    the U.S.-Mexico border
    o makes alien smuggling and illegal entry an aggravated
    o makes illegal U.S. presence a crime- aggravated felony
    o punishes with mandatory minimum sentences aliens
    convicted of reentry after removal
    o makes an alien deportable for: (1) three or more drunk
    driving convictions; and (2) social security number and
    identification fraud
    o fines employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens (three
    years after enactment employers will be required to use a
    phone-in worker verification system. First two years the
    program is voluntary)
    o directs the Secretary of Homeland Security and the
    Secretary of Defense to develop a plan to increase the
    availability of Department of Defense surveillance
    equipment along the U.S. international land and maritime
    * I am an original co-sponsor of the RealID bill- Passed into
    law as part of the FY05 Emergency Supplemental for Iraq and
    Tsunami Relief in May of 2005. The RealID bill focuses on
    four major policy areas:
    ? RealID addresses the issue of creating standards for a
    federally recognized driver's license. In many states it is
    far too easy for illegal aliens to gain access to driver's
    licenses. Consequently they gain employment, overstay
    their visas with ease, and become a part of the system
    through the backdoor. The September 11th hijackers were
    able to board those airplanes because they were carrying a
    federally recognized driver's license. H.R. 418 lays out
    specific documents required to obtain a driver's license. It
    should be noted that these requirements are the same
    requirements asked of us and our own children
    ? RealID addresses border control. Approximately half a
    million people are caught each year attempting to illegally
    cross the border at the San Diego crossing point by the
    Border Patrol. This bill authorizes the Congress to finish
    building the fence originally authorized in 1996, barring
    access on our Southern border in San Diego
    ? RealID addresses a loophole discovered by the bipartisan
    9/11 Commission- U.S. asylum laws. Prior to H.R. 418,
    U.S. law did not require substantive proof of persecution.
    H.R. 418 now allows for immigration judges to determine
    witness credibility in asylum cases
    ? RealID allows for the deportation of any individual found
    to be associated with a known terrorist organization
    * Voted to Authorize Use of Military to Assist in Border
    Control- I voted to authorize the use of the military to assist
    in border control functions in 2004 by voting for the Goode
    Amendment to H.R. 4200 which authorizes the Secretary of
    Defense to assign members of the military to assist the
    Department of Homeland Security in the performance of
    border control functions. The Goode Amendment passed the
    House by a vote of 231-191.
    * I drafted and co-sponsored HR 3452, the Visitor
    Information And Security Accountability (VISA) Act. HR
    3452 would help reduce illegal immigration by authorizing
    Congress to use the military to secure the borders. It also
    contains provisions that would limit the release of aliens in
    removal proceedings, thereby reducing the number of illegal
    aliens with standing deportation orders who are able to
    disappear before they are deported. HR 3452 was not granted
    a vote.
    * Voted Against Consular ID cards- I voted in favor of the
    Hostettler Amendment to the FY 2004 Foreign Relations
    Authorization Act. The Hostettler Amendment sought to put
    major restrictions on consular-issued ID cards that are
    frequently issued to illegal aliens by foreign governments.
    These cards make it easier for illegal aliens to gain
    government services and to otherwise profit from their illegal
    activity. The Hostettler Amendment was agreed to 226-198.
    * Member of the Immigration Reform Caucus- led by Rep.
    Tom Tancredo of Colorado, the leading lawmaker on
    legislative reforms to close our borders and decrease the
    institutional incentives that keep illegal aliens in the United
    * Making English the official language of the United States- I
    am a co-sponsor of HR 997, the English Language Unity Act
    of 2005, which declares English as the official language of the
    United States of America. I have been a co-sponsor of
    legislation that makes English the official language each term
    I have served as your Representative
    * I support building a fence in our troublesome areas at the
    Southern border and, lastly;
    * I support the idea that immigrants should learn English
    I hope that you have found this information useful. As the
    immigration debate continues you can be sure to count on me to accurately
    represent your views.

    Lincoln Davis
    Member of Congress

    In addition 36 Democrats voted for HR4437 in 2005. If you subtract 5 from this number you still have 31 unanswered reasons why they were not included in ALIPACs list of endorsements. HR4437 more or less demanded that the government enforce existing immigration laws that have been on record for many years. Who has had control of Congress for at least 10 of those years? The last six with a Republican co-hart for President. It doesn’t take a Genius to understand why the American public is angry and wants a shift in power. The only ones who have really benefited these last six years are the rich. I wander which party they belong to? I am very disappointed in the majority of Democrats who don’t share our views about illegal aliens. If the polls are correct, immigration is a small issue of importance against other issues such as Iraq, a very unpopular President. The economic boom that has left the Middle class out. The fear of real terror that was hatched in Iraq and has now spread its ugly wings capable of encircling the earth. Hopefully these things are a sign of the “last days”. If so then it doesn’t matter which party is in control. Let it come to pass!!!

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    How this Democrat feels

    Well, I still consider myself a Democrat.

    I support only the 4 Democratic Senators who voted against the Senate "bill." I do not support Jim Webb, because even though he says "security first," he was endorsed by a major Hispanic group. This means that Webb will advocate "security first," then amnesty.

    Why does my grammar book say that Hispanic is capitalized, but not black or white?
    "We have a sacred, noble obligation in this country to defend the rule
    of law. Without rule of law, without democracy, without rule of law being
    applied without fear or favor, there is no freedom."

    Senator Chuck Schumer 6/11/2007

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    You certainly have a strong case for Lincoln Davis. I just wish we had heard from you about this more prior to election day. Your post was not erased, our site has been having a little trouble with the high level of traffic we have experienced this past week.

    You can ask any of our regulars. They will tell you how the site has dropped in and out some.

    I do not recall your e-mail to me about this race. I'm not saying you did not send it. I'm just saying that in the hundreds e-mails I get per day, I do not recall yours. Perhaps I missed it.

    We endorsed Ken Martin even though we did not receive a survey back from either candidate due to the recomendations of some ALIPAC supporters in TN and the recomendations of a group called TNRIP or Tennesseans for Responsible Immigration Policies.

    We sent out an email asking all allied leaders to provide us with their recommendations for their states based on their intensive local knowledge. Ken Martin was recommended to us by TNRIP.

    From the information you have provided and the strong score Lincoln Davis has at of an A-, the chances are high we would have endorsed him if we had received a survey back.

    We sent ALIPAC survey requests to his campaign four times without response!

    Also, the Lincoln Davis campaign did NOT fill out an NPAT Survey for Project Vote Smart while Ken Martin did.

    This prevented us from seeing Lincoln Davis's future positions on immigration with regard to English as our national language and Guest Worker.

    Ken Martin filled out the NPAT and indicates ...

    X a) Decrease the number of legal immigrants allowed into the country.

    X b) Establish English as the official national language.
    So, if Lincoln Davis's campaign had chosen to complete an ALIPAC Survey, or an NPAT, or had scored an A or A+ through or we had received any prior information about his campaign from you, we could have endorsed.

    It was not a partisan decision on our part and we have exercised maximum effort as we have told you.

    We are not perfect and we have done our very best. We even had to rescind two Republican endorsements after we made them when new information came to light. Hardly the decisions that would have been made by a partisan outfit.

    We made that endorsement three weeks ago. Wish we had heard from you sooner.

    William Gheen
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    Michael Barrett

    I've sent a couple of e-mails asking for endorsement of Michael Barrett for Minnesota 7th district congressman but never received any answer. The biggest issue in this race is amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    This race highlights one of the problems with amnesty supporters. Some candidates will claim they are against amnesty, while at the same time behind the scenes doing everything they can to support amnesty.

    Michael Barrett is up against incumbent Democrat Collin Peterson, who adamently insists he's against amnesty for illegal immigrants but co-sponsored HR 884, which provides amnesty for 3 million agricultural workers, social security benefits, and JOB PROTECTION.

    Unlike other amnesty bills, illegal immigrants granted amnesty could ONLY be fired for "good cause." Meanwhile, the rest of us generally are "at will" employees who can be fired "for any reason or no reason."

    Here's the text of the bill. You can see that Collin Peterson is one of the original co-sponsors, indicating he likely helped write the bill. ... l=h109-884

    The United Farmworkers of America is solidy behind this AgJobs bill, along with corporate agriculture interests who need illegal immigrant farm workers.

    Peterson has been ducking debates with Michael Barrett, apparently not wanting to discuss his support for amnesty, but to a degree the message has gotten out here in rural MN.

    Michael Barrett is a great candidate in a battle with a long term incumbent with big support from corporate agriculture PACs. He needs every bit of support he can get.
    There are immigrants and there are illegal aliens. An immigrant comes here legally, obeys our laws, assimilates, and the only flags an immigrant waves is an American flag. There's no such thing as an illegal immigrant.

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