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    Democrats Defend Big Tech Censorship of Conservatives During Senate Hearing

    During today's Senate Hearing on Big Tech censorship, Democrats defended Big Tech censorship of conservatives by attacking Republicans, attacking the proceedings, and obfuscating at every opportunity.

    Most Republican senators expressed concern about the large pattern of bias and censorship Google, Facebook, and Twitter aim at conservatives documented at ALIPAC. (View)

    Special thanks to each of you who fought for these hearings to happen prior to election day and who fought to light a fire under the butts of some of the GOP senators who are on the payroll of big tech!

    Sen Ted Cruz really let them have it and was the most impressive presenter of the day found in this video below at the 1:25:00 mark.

    Please help us increase the impact of today's hearings by showing more people how Democrats Defended Big Tech Censorship of Conservatives During this Senate Hearing by watching, liking, commenting on, and sharing the three-hour video of this historic hearing.


    Facebook, Twitter and Google CEOs testify before Senate

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