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    Democrats Flying Republicans to DC End of this month to pass amnesty for illegals

    New E-mail layout: Fund raising updates at top, important articles and info next, activism alert last.

    Funds: Today we are only at $9,865 of the $30,000 we must raise by Oct 31! You are about to read articles telling you how left wing Obama and amnesty supporting leaders of Facebook and Google are going to pay travel and lodging expenses for sellout Republicans to go to DC to lobby for illegal alien amnesty at month's end! We need more of you to respond soon with donations of $100, $50, and $25 at this link soon or they will be lobbying our lawmakers while we beg for funds to even maintain operations! Please donate now so that ALIPAC can try to counter the Facebook, Google, Microsoft amnesty assault on DC at this link...

    Info: Obama is telling the Spanish language audiences and media that the illegal alien amnesty push starts the day after the budget and debt ceiling impasse is resolved. ALIPAC believes that the political theater we are watching is being scripted by behind the scenes billionaires like George Soros to play out where John Boehner leads a few dozen GOP lawmakers in the house to vote with Democrats to pass a budget and lift the debt ceiling. This will be heralded in the media as a new paradigm of cooperation in Washington to address America's most pressing issues. Then the immigration reform amnesty bill is rolled out and passed to Obama's desk in the same fashion after the more conservative 'Tea Party' members of Congress have been demonized and criminalized and thoroughly labeled as terrorists, hijackers, kidnappers, etc... as we are seeing in the media now.

    They plan to make their move at month's end near ALIPAC's funding deadline when very liberal Obama supporters who run Facebook and Google will use their group to pay the way for a large group of Republicans to go to DC to push the bill through!

    Please read, understand, utilize, and circulate these articles...

    Obama to push immigration reform 'day after' budget deal

    Democrat Obama Supporters To Fly Republicans to DC to push amnesty for illegals

    Activism: You must make every Republican member of Congress feel supported standing up against Obama, Boehner, and amnesty for illegal aliens!

    You can show them your support with calls, faxes, e-mails and letters saying "I support Congressman _____ standing up to tell both John Boehner and Barack Obama No Form of immigration reform amnesty for illegal aliens!" Call all the Republicans on the list starting with the ones in your home state using ALIPAC's Contact list at this link...

    You can also hammer the 32 GOP members of Congress ALIPAC has identified as conspiring with Boehner and Obama to pass amnesty in 2013. The more you pressure these lawmakers, the less likely they are to go through with the plan! We need people in these districts writing letters to the editor exposing the GOP amnesty supporters and calling into local talk radio shows in their districts while searching for qualified GOP primary challengers!

    ALIPAC's list of 32 GOP members of Congress working behind the scenes with Boehner and Obama to pass amnesty for illegals...

    You can also make lawmakers who stand with us against amnesty feel supported by donating to ALIPAC to help us show them that you will back up your candidates with funds, volunteers, and votes! Donate now to send that message to the lawmakers at...

    We are giving you the information and opportunity you need to stop and reverse amnesty and illegal immigration if enough of you will take the time to read and respond as we ask.

    Let's roll, ALIPACers!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: To make sure we are clear, we need more donations at this link right away or amnesty lobbyists will be storming Washington, DC, while we have to suspend activism operations to raise funds. Don't let that happen! Take action today at...
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