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Thread: Dems file mass illegal alien amnesty bill: Americans must defend

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    Dems file mass illegal alien amnesty bill: Americans must defend

    There will be two different sets of information broadcast through the media, Google, and Facebook today. One story will be broadcast to Americans like you. It will claim that an "immigration reform" bill has been filed and there is no need for you to worry about it passing. You are most likely to receive this version of events if you are over 40 and not a Democrat.

    A different message will be broadcast to a whole different audience claiming that Amnesty legislation has been filed, is massively popular with lawmakers, and is likely to be voted into law in the next 60 days if enough people contact Congress and demand "reform."

    We need all of you to spring into action immediately!

    Item 1: Please redirect your attention and the attention of other activists, leaders, and groups to the fight against Amnesty 2013 immediately. This bill was filed during the government shutdown when the attention of Americans is highly divided. We must all work together rapidly to focus all attentions on the fight against illegal alien Amnesty!

    Item 2: You can review articles and the text of the new bill with our activists by accessing the updates on our homepage at or by working in our forums area where we are compiling information at this link...
    We need info on the Dems Amnesty bill filed today?

    Item 3: Get on the phone to your member of the US Congress! Call them today using our directory at this link to say, "I am in your district and I oppose any form of legalization Amnesty for illegal aliens. Please speak out against and vote against the immigration reform Amnesty bill filed yesterday! I want my member of Congress helping American workers and citizens, instead of illegal aliens and those who employ them!"

    Item 4: Get on the horn to the rest of Congress to tell them, "No Amnesty for illegal aliens! Oppose the Democrats House Bill filed Wednesday!" (Remember that illegal aliens are calling against you so call as many members of Congress as possible.)

    ALIPAC's Congressional Contact List

    Rally to us Americans and rally your friends and neighbors!

    The traitors plan to send an amnesty bill to Obama's desk in the next 60 days that will silence all of you forevermore in American politics should it make it into law!

    Let's roll!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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