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    Dems say Dream Act Amnesty vote in Congress by Mid March

    Please donate to fuel our fight to stop Amnesty 2021 (HERE) then share this call for aid by email and on (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE) .. (PARLER HERE) .. (LINKED HERE) .. (MINDS HERE) .. (SLUG HERE) ..(BRIGHTEON HERE) .. (MEWE HERE) .. (CLOUTHUB HERE)

    Many thanks to each of you who helped us pay for our letters to prior donors arriving in mailboxes this weekend! We pray everyone getting our letters will respond rapidly. Please contribute now to help us reach our minimum operations budget of 20k by the deadline on March 20!

    You can also share the fundraising thermometer at the top of this email by email and social media to alert others to your support for ALIPAC's efforts to stop Amnesty 2021!

    Our friends at NumbersUSA have put out an alert warning of an Amnesty vote within 2 weeks, which says...

    The House could vote on pieces of the Biden Amnesty bill as early as mid-March, according to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.). Hoyer indicated that House Leaders could start with votes on the Dream Act and the Farm Workforce Modernization Act -- both pieces of legislation passed the House during the previous Congress.
    The Dream Act would grant an amnesty to approximately 2.9 million illegal aliens. And if it's the same bill as last Congress, it would also include a permanent amnesty for approximately 320,000 illegal aliens who received amnesty under Temporary Protected Status (TPS).
    The Farm Workforce Modernization Act would grant an amnesty to at least 1 million illegal farm workers and their families in exchange for a requirement that Ag employers use E-Verify.
    Read Entire Alert from NumbersUSA here...

    We need all the help we can get in the next two weeks before they vote on the Dream Act Amnesty, which will give them almost unstoppable momentum to pass Amnesty for all 22 million illegals if they win against us this year.

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Volunteer Team

    PS: If you are a past supporter or a new supporter who has joined us recently, please take steps to fund our fight at this critical time when decisions and actions made today will have a great impact on the outcome in two short weeks!
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