Friends of ALIPAC,

The illegal alien supporters are moving quickly to organize and try to ramrod through an Amnesty. Important things are happening right now that ALIPAC needs to fight! Critical things that affect the outcome of Amnesty are happening NOW, but ALIPAC must suspend all operations and focus on funds or we will no longer be in the fight at all.

I hope that we did not make a big mistake by breaking our funds drive momentum to focus exclusively on the elections, our candidates, and our volunteers in the field. I hope that by prioritizing the election, we did not doom ALIPAC to closure.

If so, let it be said that ALIPAC did not go down without a fight. If we fail to reach our minimum budget, it will be because not enough of our 40,000 email alert recipients or 65,000 Facebook supporters would chip in to help.

Our fate is up to you. We have only 4 days left to raise $12,000 which is our minimum operations budget. If we fail to raise that minimum amount, I will be forced to tender my resignation and we will put out one final release announcing our permanent closure by December.

Don't let apathy result in Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. You need ALIPAC fighting full force like before when we played a key role in defeating legislative Amnesty not once but 6 times!

Donate now before the deadline at this link please....

William Gheen
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
(919) 787-6009